Why Men Pull Away Review

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You’re a woman in a relationship. Your partner is pulling away or losing interest. This program aims to help you understand why – by revealing insights into the male psyche regarding dating and relationships.

Why Men Pull Away Review Summary

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  • A serviceable program that offers an in-depth analysis of the psychological and emotional factors that cause men to pull away, providing comprehensive insights into this issue.
  • Provides practical and actionable advice on communicating with men who withdraw, reigniting interest and attraction, and strengthening the relationship.
  • Based on the author’s extensive experience as a dating and relationship coach and his own personal story of overcoming commitment fears.
  • Specializes in a specific but impactful aspect of men’s dating psychology and behavior.
  • Well-formatted and designed with an exemplary logical flow of topics.
  • Cites scientific journals and resources to back up claims.
  • Positive feedback and testimonials from women who have achieved relationship results using this product.
  • Prompt customer service support, with a response received within 48 hours of contacting them.


  • Not a magic solution that can fix any relationship problem or guarantee a man will never pull away again.
  • Requires time, effort, and commitment to read, watch, and apply the information and strategies.
  • May not work for every woman or situation, as different men may have different reasons for withdrawing.
  • Only available online, requiring a reliable internet connection and compatible device.
  • A word of caution. It may not suit women in abusive, toxic, or unhealthy situations, who likely need professional help.
  • The author’s identity is shrouded in mystery, with little verifiable information or social media presence. He goes by the name “Slade Shaw” – possibly a pseudonym for anonymity.

Why Men Pull Away Product Details

Why Men Pull Away is a comprehensive guide designed for women seeking to understand and prevent their partners from withdrawing. Suitable for any relationship stage or marital status, it offers strategies to improve connection and communication.

The product’s intriguing perspective comes from a man, Slade Shaw, who claims to be a professional dating/relationship coach helping thousands of women. His motivation? Overcoming his own fear of commitment to find true love with his wife. Plus, his sister’s heartbreak after a great partner suddenly distanced himself.

However, it’s important to note that the author’s identity and credentials are not easily verifiable, as he maintains a mysterious persona with little to no researchable bio or online information.

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What’s Inside Why Men Pull Away

The program starts with an introduction providing some background on the author and why someone might have purchased this program, hinting at their desire to understand their partner’s withdrawal.

It then introduces the foundational principles of the program, referred to as the “Paleolithic Principle” and “The Dream Girl Factor,” which lean on anthropological concepts to explain the dynamics of male-female relationships.

The introduction then provides an overview of the program’s four major parts. Without spoiling everything, we’ll share an overview of the meat of the program.

Part one is titled “Making Your Man User-Friendly: Understanding the Male Mind Before You Do Anything Else,” which discusses commitment and what it entails. It offers exercises to help determine what you want with your partner and the relationship. It then answers whether your hopes for the relationship are reasonable.

Part Two, “How To Get Him To Focus On You By Giving Him What He Doesn’t Even Realize He Needs,” explores what makes men fall in love, guiding you on talking to him about the relationship in a way that motivates him.

Part Three, “Things That Drive Men Away,” identifies six specific behaviors and scenarios women inadvertently commit or engage in that drive men away.

Part Four, “How To Bring Him Closer,” explains how to make your man want to escalate the relationship further without feeling forced.

Those are just the highlights to whet your appetite. The program itself contains more in-depth topics and actionable advice.

Why Men Pull Away Prices and Packages

  • $47, Standard Package
  • Why Men Pull Away eBook and audio files.
  • Communication Secrets for a Strong Long-Term Relationship eManual and audio files.
  • Interviews with Men audio files.
  • How to Reignite & Maintain Long Term Attraction eGuide and audio files.

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  • During checkout, you’ll get a 1-month free trial offer for the “Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series.” Add it to your cart – enjoy a free month. After that, you’ll be charged $37 per month if you continue.
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Our Why Men Pull Away Verdict

Why Men Pull Away helps women understand why their man withdraws. It gives real-world advice for rekindling his interest and strengthening your bond. We rate it 4 out of 5 stars overall.

The program deeply analyzes the psychological and emotional reasons men pull away. This unique male perspective provides insight into your partner’s mindset and behaviors. A key strength.

However, one potential issue is the author’s unclear identity and credentials. “Slade Shaw” claims to be a dating/relationship expert, but verifying this is difficult. His background remains mysterious, raising some doubts.

The program’s positives seem to outweigh this drawback. It is well-structured, covering a wide range of relevant topics for women struggling with partners withdrawing. It provides practical exercises and guidance on communication, understanding men’s needs, identifying behaviors that drive men away, and bringing them closer.

Our recommendation? Buy this product. Of course, no guarantee it works for every situation. But testimonials show it can be an invaluable resource for improving your relationship.

If your man is pulling away lately, this could give you the understanding and techniques to get through to him – reigniting his passion and commitment to you.

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