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You’re a woman, sick of your man’s lack of commitment. You want to move things forward, but he seems disinterested. This course tackles those issues head-on. It empowers you to build a stronger, more fulfilling connection. No more guessing games.

Editor’s Notes:

  • Let’s shed some light on the differentiation between “Be Irresistible” and “What Men Secretly Want.” “Be Irresistible” serves as the distinct brand name of James Bauer’s company, officially registered under “Blink Publishing LLC.” Conversely, “What Men Secretly Want” pertains specifically to the product.

What Men Secretly Want Review Summary

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  • This product caters specifically to women facing difficulties in maintaining commitment, progressing their relationship, or keeping their man engaged. It provides strategies to overcome these challenges effectively.
  • “What Men Secretly Want” offers a valuable opportunity to gain deep insights into the male mind. By understanding how men think and operate, you can establish stronger connections and enhance communication.
  • The program revolves around a simple yet often underestimated principle. By focusing on this principle, women can unlock profound insights and successfully navigate their relationships.
  • The product offers both an e-book version and an audio counterpart, accommodating users’ preferences and providing convenience. This flexibility allows individuals to engage with the material in the format that suits them best.
  • Even if the program doesn’t provide an immediate solution, it offers an additional perspective on how men operate. This knowledge can be utilized to improve communication and maintain men’s interest in the relationship.
  • The customer service associated with “What Men Secretly Want” is highly responsive and courteous. Users can expect timely assistance within 24 hours when they have inquiries or require support.


  • One drawback is that this program is specifically designed for women, which means men seeking similar guidance or insights may not find the content relevant to their needs.
  • Some users have observed that the main program and its accompanying bonuses do not offer an extensive amount of content. This might leave certain individuals expecting more in-depth material.
  • The program’s price may be deemed high by some consumers relative to the amount of content provided. It is important to carefully assess the value of the information offered against the cost.
  • A potential concern revolves around the anonymity surrounding the author’s identity and credentials. James Bauer, the relationship expert, lacks publicly available information to verify his background and expertise, which has led to speculation regarding his authenticity.

What Men Secretly Want Product Details

“What Men Secretly Want” presents itself as a comprehensive relationship development program meticulously designed for women who aspire to gain a profound understanding of men. The program’s primary objective is to establish a strong connection with the ideal partner and inspire his commitment to a long-lasting relationship.

By delving into the program, users are exposed to invaluable insights into the male perspective on relationships. Central to its teachings is the fundamental concept of “The Respect Principle.” The program emphasizes the vital truth that men prioritize respect over love when given the choice. It unveils the notion that men are irresistibly drawn to women who evoke feelings of admiration and respect within them.

Success in utilizing this program lies in a woman’s ability to comprehend and apply “The Respect Principle.” By subtly demonstrating understanding and appreciation towards a man, she can ignite his attraction and inspire unwavering devotion.

The program is authored by James Bauer, who claims to possess a background in Psychology and to be an established relationship expert and coach. Throughout his professional journey, James has offered consultations to individuals of both genders navigating challenges in their romantic relationships.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that information regarding James Bauer’s credentials primarily relies on anecdotal references found solely on the product’s website. Verifying details about his identity and expertise proves to be challenging, raising legitimate concerns about the author’s background and credibility, particularly in light of his self-proclaimed status as an established expert in the field.

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What’s Inside What Men Secretly Want

Inside this program, you will uncover a treasure trove of invaluable insights and practical guidance designed to elevate your relationship with men. Let us explore the depths of this comprehensive program and discover its offerings.

The journey begins by acknowledging the paramount importance of communication within relationships. The program addresses the existence of a communication “gap” that may impede the connection between you and your partner. By recognizing the significance of bridging this gap, the program emphasizes the foundations of a genuine relationship built on love, respect, and security.

Comprehending men on an emotional level is key to a successful relationship. The program sheds light on the profound impact of words and phrases on a man’s thoughts and actions. It equips you with secrets to connect emotionally, enabling you to communicate in a way that resonates deeply with him. Moreover, it guides you through challenging moments when your man becomes quiet or unresponsive.

The program unveils risky words and phrases that significantly influence men. By avoiding these linguistic pitfalls, you can steer conversations positively and maintain a healthy dynamic. The program also highlights phrases that are best avoided altogether to safeguard your relationship. Furthermore, it provides tips on how to avoid being relegated to the friend zone and how to ignite an irresistible attraction that surpasses any other woman your man has encountered.

Drawing upon real-life situations and experiences from couples, this comprehensive guide exudes credibility and relatability. While it may present unconventional methods to captivate the attention and devotion of the man of your dreams, the program endeavors to explain the reasoning behind each recommended approach. By comprehending the underlying principles and the psychology behind these techniques, you can make informed decisions about applying them within your own relationship.

In essence, “What Men Secretly Want” arms women with practical tools and strategies to navigate the intricate landscape of relationships with men. “What Men Secretly Want” emphasizes effective communication, emotional understanding, impactful language, and unconventional yet purposeful methods. You’ll gain knowledge and empowerment to build stronger, more fulfilling connections.

What Men Secretly Want Prices and Packages

  • $47, Standard Package
  • What Men Secretly Want eBook and audio files.
  • Common Situations With Men FAQ audio file.
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Our What Men Secretly Want Verdict

Based on a comprehensive evaluation, “What Men Secretly Want” by James Bauer proves highly valuable for women seeking to enhance their romantic relationships. This program offers profound insights and effective strategies that can revolutionize your approach. We confidently give this program a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

The program zeroes in on challenges women face. Keeping a man committed? Check. Progressing the relationship? It’s covered. Simply making him happy and interested again? You got it. The program directly addresses your real-life struggles.

The program’s emphasis on “The Respect Principle” is a game-changer. It uncovers the fundamental truth that men crave and value respect as much as, if not more than, love. By learning how to evoke feelings of admiration and respect in men, women gain a powerful tool for attracting and nurturing their partner’s devotion. This principle alone can significantly transform the dynamics of a relationship.

Moreover, the availability of both an e-book and an audio version of the program enhances convenience and flexibility for users. The prompt and polite customer service further contributes to a positive user experience throughout the program. The inclusion of real-life situations and unconventional methods adds authenticity, demonstrating the practicality of the advice provided.

However, it’s important to acknowledge a few limitations. The program is specifically tailored for women, restricting its applicability for men seeking relationship advice. Some users may find the main program and bonuses lack extensive content relative to the price. Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding the author’s identity and credentials, with indications suggesting that James Bauer’s status as a relationship expert may be based on anecdotal evidence.

In summary, “What Men Secretly Want” is highly recommended for women aiming to strengthen their relationships and deepen their understanding of men. A key focus is the “Respect Principle.” This provides powerful insights into what men truly want. The strategies, though not perfect, are proven and practical. Minor flaws exist, but the good overpowers the bad. If you’re committed to real change and growth, “What Men Secretly Want” is an investment. Implement the tactics, and you could revive your relationship for good.

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