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Tinder Select: The Exclusive Dating Circle for the Elite

You’re a wildly successful entrepreneur, a famous celebrity, or a stunningly gorgeous supermodel. Your dating options are virtually unlimited, yet finding the right partner among the masses proves challenging. You want to date other successful singles who share your drive, lifestyle, and high expectations. Well, Tinder has answered the call with their new ultra-exclusive offering – Tinder Select.

Tinder, the dating app juggernaut under parent company Match Group, has launched this invitation-only service to provide a rarified dating experience for the rich, famous, and most desirable. If you’ve been hand-selected to join Tinder Select, you’ve entered an entirely new echelon of elite online dating.

No need to wade through promiscuous party boys or Instagram models looking for followers. This is the place where business titans, Hollywood actors, and supermodels can match and mingle amongst a curated group of similarly successful, wealthy, and objectively gorgeous peers.

Intrigued to get inside this gated community of exclusive singles? Then keep reading as we break down the exclusive world of Tinder Select – how it works, how much you’ll pay, who gets to join this club, and insider tips to potentially score a coveted invite.

The Benefits of Tinder Select

Tinder Select is more than just a regular dating service – it’s a premium, ultra-exclusive experience tailored for the elite Tinder users. When you gain access to this invite-only club, you’ll enjoy a host of VIP perks and new features, including:

  • Direct Messaging: Skip the matching dance altogether. Tinder Select allows you to directly message anyone you’re interested in up to twice per week without matching. You’ll also see when they’ve read your message.
  • Prioritized Visibility: Your profile receives premium positioning and remains unblurred on the “Likes You” grid for anyone you’ve liked, even non-subscribers. This prime visibility lasts for 7 days, boosting your chances of catching their eye.
  • Elite Signaling: Let others know you’re part of the crème de la crème with an exclusive “SELECT” badge on your profile (which you can toggle on/off).
  • Refined Pool: With “SELECT Mode” you can opt to only be shown and matched with other Tinder Select members, allowing you to bypass less desirable prospects.
  • Early Access: Stay ahead of the curve by testing new app features before the general public. You’ll also enjoy an ad-free browsing experience.
  • VIP Benefits: As a Select member of the top 1%, you’ll gain access to exclusive events, offers, and elite perks from Tinder’s partners spanning luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, high-end spas and more.

With such an array of appearance-conscious and premium dating advantages, it’s easy to see why Tinder Select represents the ultimate gated community for the ultra-successful and incredibly desirable.

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The Costs of Tinder Select

Exclusivity doesn’t come cheap. Tinder Select maintains its ultra-elite status by carrying a hefty price tag – a whopping $499 per month. However, this premium fee grants you access to an unparalleled dating experience tailored for the rich and famous.

When you join Tinder Select, you’ll receive all the benefits of the service’s exclusive features like direct messaging, prioritized visibility, badge signaling, and the ability to toggle into “SELECT Mode.” But you’ll also unlock every advantage from Tinder’s existing Plus®, Gold™, and Platinum™ subscription tiers.

Some of the premium perks included are:

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind for undoing accidental swipes
  • Passport to swipe in any location worldwide
  • Boost for 30 minutes of prioritized display each month
  • Daily Super Likes to show extra interest
  • Curated “Top Picks” matches delivered daily
  • See who Likes You before swiping
  • Prioritized placement on the “Likes You” grid
  • Ability to “Swipe Around the World” in popular cities
  • Send intro messages with Super Likes
  • Priority positioning for your Likes to reach matches faster

While the $499/month fee is exorbitant compared to Tinder’s standard pricing, it guarantees an entirely ad-free, elite dating experience where you’ll only interact with other ultra-successful, highly-desirable singles thoroughly vetted and selected by the app’s curation team. For those with money to spare and ultra-exclusive standards, Tinder Select presents the chance to find similarly rarefied matches.

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How to Join Tinder Select

Gaining entry into Tinder’s premium Select tier is no easy feat. It’s an ultra-exclusive club reserved only for Tinder’s most eligible and desirable singles who meet a stringent set of criteria.

To even be considered, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old with a valid, active Tinder account
  • Have a high-quality, engaging profile that passes Tinder’s proprietary “5-Point Select Screen™” evaluation:
  • Minimum of 5 interests listed
  • At least 4 profile photos
  • A bio of 15+ characters
  • Clear relationship intent specified
  • Photo verification completed
  • Maintain a high level of in-app activity, matches, likes, and messages
  • Consistently follow all of Tinder’s community guidelines and terms of use

If you meet those baseline prerequisites, you can then formally apply for Tinder Select membership by:

  1. Visiting tinder.com/select and filling out the application with details like name, age, location and a link to your Tinder profile.
  2. Uploading additional verification like photos and connected social media accounts.
  3. Waiting for Tinder’s vetting team to thoroughly review and approve your candidacy.

The entire process is highly selective, with Tinder’s team evaluating criteria like your overall attractiveness, success/status signifiers, engagement metrics, and perceived ability to uplevel the Select dating pool.

If you make the cut as one of Tinder’s cream-of-the-crop singles, you’ll receive an in-app invitation with a unique code to activate your paid Tinder Select membership and its litany of elite perks.

Only a tiny fraction of Tinder’s user base gains admission each period, so optimizing your profile, engagement, and embodiment of Tinder’s idealized personal brand is crucial for improving your chances of exclusivity.

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Look, I’ll be upfront – Tinder Select isn’t really my scene. As a hopeless romantic, the idea of finding love in such a transactional, elite dating pool just doesn’t align with my belief in genuine, organic connections. But I’m not here to yuck anyone’s yum either. If ultra-exclusive dating within a curated circle of the wealthy, famous, and objectively hot is your vibe, then by all means, pursue that intense vetting process.

To me, the biggest turnoff of Tinder Select is how it commodifies dating from the outset. When your initial interactions are gated by appearance, status, and ability to foot a $499 monthly fee, it inevitably tints the whole experience with a sense of transaction rather than authenticity.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still cling to the naive notion that true love should stem from open-minded chance encounters and cultivated emotional intimacy – not algorithmically calculated based on your Instagrammable lifestyle.

Then again, maybe I’m just priced out of understanding the ultra-high-end dating struggles of the elite. If hassle-free screening for verified millionaires and hanging with the beautiful people is a priority, Tinder Select could be your golden ticket to a more rarified romantic atmosphere.

Just remember, even a $499/month membership can’t override a dull, uninspired dating profile. Ultimately, you need to put in the effort to create an authentic, engaging dating profile that showcases your best self to truly maximize your matches.

At the end of the day, finding love is brutal for everyone in this modern age of digital over stimulation and fears of vulnerability. We’re all just looking for genuine connection, even if the paths we take couldn’t be more divergent.

So whether Tinder Select piques your interest or feels like a turn-off, I encourage you to share this dive into its exclusive world with any single friends who could use the inside scoop. They’ll either be appropriately intrigued or amusingly scandalized – and isn’t that what good friends are for? If nothing else, it’ll make for a lively discussion over drinks about the state of modern dating.

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