The Obsession Method Review

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You’re a man who want to be more magnetic to women. You’re situation right now doesn’t matter, you can start improving regardless of your starting point. This program provides dives into the female psyche. By understanding this, the program equips you with the techniques you’ll need to attract and romance women.

The Obsession Method Review Summary

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  • This “insider” program provides a deep understanding of the female psyche. Created by a woman, it’s like having an insider source of information or an ally who can offer valuable insights.
  • Respectful and non-judgmental of your intentions or goals. Whether you aspire to be a pick-up artist or seek a meaningful relationship, this program focuses on developing skills and achieving results without passing judgment.
  • Promotes genuine alpha male values such as respect, honesty, and courage, unlike some misogynistic pick-up artist programs. It aims to make you attractive to women through ethical means, fostering healthy relationships.
  • Manages to strike a moral balance. It is not sleazy or manipulative, yet it doesn’t judge your desire to attract women.
  • Emphasizes developing yourself first, addressing mindset, confidence, appearance, and inner qualities.
  • Covers the dating and attraction trifecta – mindset, appearance, and skills. It provides a holistic approach to enhancing your attractiveness both internally and externally.
  • Packed with resources and information.
  • Author is an established attraction coach with a decent following on YouTube and contributions to top relationship blogs. Her credibility adds weight to the effectiveness of the program.
  • Presented in a professionally formatted and well-organized manner. It is easy to read and navigate, ensuring a smooth learning experience.
  • Provides 24-hour customer service with polite and capable representatives, ensuring prompt assistance when needed.


  • Relatively more expensive. This might be a deterrent for those seeking a more budget-friendly option.
  • Available only in PDF format, lacking ePub or Mobi versions. This may be inconvenient for individuals who prefer different e-book formats for their devices.
  • Author has not been active online for some time, with the latest activity observed in 2020. This lack of recent updates or engagement might raise questions about the program’s current relevance.
  • There are occasional upsells throughout the program, which could be perceived as irritating by some users.

The Obsession Method Product Details

The Obsession Method is a program designed to provide men with insider information on attracting women, created by a woman herself. It offers a unique perspective, giving participants a front-row seat inside a woman’s mind and psyche. This program stands out from the typical ones designed by men, which usually revolve around pickup lines and responses. Rather, it delves into the significance of non-verbal cues that women unconsciously notice, including appearance, posture, scent, aura, and energy.

What sets this program apart is its emphasis on the subconscious aspects of attraction. It recognizes that in the realm of emotional connection, the power of the subconscious is unparalleled. By tapping into this power, the program aims to be highly effective in helping men achieve greater success with women.

The program’s author, Kate Spring, is a dating and relationship coach hailing from the west coast of Canada. With her expertise, she primarily assists men in the areas of attraction, seduction, and building meaningful relationships with women. Kate has a YouTube channel with over 100k subscribers, providing further evidence of her credibility and influence in the field. However, Kate hasn’t been active for a while now. She hasn’t had any news or online activity lately.

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What’s Inside The Obsession Method

The Obsession Method is organized into four major parts, each addressing different aspects of the attraction and relationship-building process.

The first part is called “Approach.” This section focuses on setting you up to become a man who naturally commands attention and, as a result, attracts women. This section is all about working on yourself and encompasses various elements such as mindset, self-image, grooming, exercise, confidence, and more. By developing these aspects, you’ll exude charisma without appearing forced or inauthentic.

Next section comes “Attract.” This part of the program delves into the initial interactions with women. It covers topics commonly discussed in pick-up artist programs, such as approaching women, initiating conversations, obtaining phone numbers, and maintaining a cool demeanor once you’ve made a connection. This section provides guidance on navigating the early stages of attraction and creating a strong foundation.

The third section is called “Seduce.” Moving beyond the initial interaction, this section focuses on the dating and quasi-courtship phases. It goes beyond surface-level impressions and delves into building deeper connections and keeping women interested. This section emphasizes the importance of relating and connecting with a woman on a more profound level. It provides valuable insights and techniques to keep her engaged and “on the hook.”

The last part is called “Secure.” This final part caters to those seeking long-term relationships and genuine love. This section goes beyond flirting and seduction and centers on deep connection, intimacy, and effective communication. It explores the process of falling in love and focuses on nurturing a secure and lasting bond between you and your partner.

By dividing the program into these four parts, The Obsession Method takes a comprehensive approach to attraction, dating, and relationships. It guides you through self-improvement, initial interactions, deeper connections, and ultimately, the pursuit of love and long-term commitment.

The Obsession Method Prices and Packages

  • $69.95, Standard Package
  • The Obsession Method eBook and video series.
  • How to Make Her Approach You eGuide.
  • Sex Texts eReport.
  • Sexual Wordsmith: How to Have Sexual Conversations with Women eManual.

Pro Tips:

  • If you prefer text information rather than the video presentation, simply refresh the page. This allows you to obtain additional details without waiting for the entire video presentation to finish. It saves you time as the video presentation takes a while to get to the point.
  • Similarly, there’s a “Get Started” button down the bottom of the page. This button provides a direct way to proceed with the product purchase, bypassing any additional waiting time or video presentations.
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Our The Obsession Method Verdict

The Obsession Method provides a unique insider perspective into the female psyche. Created by a woman, it offers invaluable insights and understanding of what women truly desire and respond to. This insider knowledge sets this program apart from other programs and gives it a distinct advantage. This is an easy 4 out of 5 star rating for us. It’s borderline close to the perfect 5 point mark, but some flaws hold it back. If you’re a guy who struggles with being attractive or lacks dating and relationship skills, this product is essential.

A unique aspect of the program is it promotes ethical approaches to attraction, focusing on genuine alpha male values such as respect, honesty, and courage. It avoids sleazy and manipulative tactics often associated with pick-up artist programs, making it a more respectful and mindful choice for men looking to improve their dating lives.

The Obsession Method also covers a comprehensive range of topics, addressing not only the external aspects like appearance and skills, but also the internal aspects like mindset and confidence. It emphasizes personal growth and self-improvement, ensuring a holistic approach to becoming an attractive and desirable individual.

The professional formatting and design of the program make it highly readable and user-friendly. It is well-organized, allowing users to navigate the content effortlessly and make the most of the valuable information provided.

On the other hand, this product is relatively pricier compared to similar programs in the market. While the amount may be justified by the program’s quality and effectiveness, it might be a consideration for those on a tighter budget.

Additionally, the program’s format is limited to a single PDF file, without alternative ePub or Mobi versions. This may be less convenient for users who prefer different e-reader formats or platforms.

In the end, consider the program’s numerous advantages. The program offers a unique insider perspective, ethical approach, comprehensive content, and user-friendly design. These advantages clearly overcome the shortcomings.

The Obsession Method offers valuable insights and techniques that can greatly enhance your attractiveness and dating skills. This program helps men attract and develop meaningful relationships by focusing on personal growth, connecting genuinely, and understanding women deeply. Regardless of your initial situation, this product is a valuable investment for any man who desires to enhance his attractiveness and magnetism towards women. The Obsession Method has the potential to transform your dating life for the better.

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