The Ex Factor Review

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You’re heartbroken because of a breakup. You’re still holding on to hope. Or you just don’t want it to be over. This product can help you get your ex back. The program focuses on using careful, tested strategies to increase your chances of reconciliation.

Editor’s Notes:

  • “The Ex Factor 2.0” brings the bestselling “The Ex Factor” program up-to-date, aligning with modern relationship realities. Known as “The Ex Factor Guide” thanks to its website URL, it remains the same invaluable resource crafted by Brad Browning, just revamped.

The Ex Factor Review Summary

Overall Rating:





  • A comprehensive “ex back” guide which provides valuable insights and best practices for individuals seeking to reconcile with their ex-partner. It covers the journey from the immediate aftermath of a breakup up to the process of getting your ex back.
  • Recognizes the significance of adopting a healthy mindset and behavior after a breakup. This program saves you from yourself, preventing you from making mistakes that would decrease your chances of successfully reconnecting with your ex.
  • Offers practical advice that is easy to understand and implement. Even after a single read-through, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to approach the reconciliation process. Further readings enhance your understanding of the nuances and improve your chances of success.
  • Builds upon the success of its original version, making good even better. The program incorporates refinements and updates to provide an enhanced and more effective approach to winning back your ex.
  • Created by a highly trusted and respected advisor in the field of “ex back” and divorce issues. With more than a decade of practice, you’ll get access to the author’s wealth of experience and expertise in this area.
  • Offers a complete and holistic approach. It addresses various post-breakup stages and common scenarios, providing guidance on appropriate responses and actions. Whether you’re working towards reconciliation or moving on, the program offers support and guidance.
  • Presents the information in a straightforward and easy-to-follow manner. It avoids unnecessary complexity and jargon, focusing on providing clear and actionable guidance. The well-structured chapters form a cohesive discussion and plan for getting your ex back.
  • Visually appealing and aesthetically well-formatted. The program is designed with high readability in mind, making it easier to absorb the content and navigate through the material.
  • Available in separate versions for both men and women, catering to individual needs and perspectives.
  • Boasts excellent customer service, with prompt responses within 24 hours, ensuring that you receive the support you need whenever you encounter any issues.


  • The “for Him” and “for Her” versions of the program are essentially the same, with minor changes in pronouns. It could have been sold as one product with gender-neutral pronouns instead of separate versions.
  • Some techniques in the program may appear manipulative, which may make some individuals uncomfortable. However, this product ensures that the strategies remain ethical and necessary within the realm of “ex back” programs.
  • The program is most effective for relatively fresh breakups. It may not be able to rekindle relationships that ended several months ago.
  • There are occasional upsells within The Ex Factor, leading to the author’s personal coaching program or other affiliated products. These additional offerings may require further investment.

The Ex Factor Product Details

A key focus is saving you from yourself. After a breakup, we’re prone to mistakes driven by high emotions and uncertainty. The Ex Factor guides your behavior to avoid jeopardizing your chances of getting back together.

It’s most suitable if you genuinely believe reconciliation is possible. Maybe the breakup decision was wrong. But your relationship should have been healthy, not abusive or toxic.

The updated version of the highly popular “Ex Factor” program, The Ex Factor 2.0 greatly increases the chances of reigniting a relationship that has true potential. Vastly improved this time around, the program is the perfect tool to help you win back your ex. It equips you with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the journey towards reconciliation.

Apart from putting an emphasis on repairing relationships, The Ex Factor takes into account situations where reconciliation may not be achievable and also offers guidance to individuals faced with this reality. It offers guidance on how to effectively move on and heal from the breakup.

The program is authored by Brad Browning, a relationship expert with an impressive background. Brad holds a Psychology degree from the University of British Columbia. He went on to become a Certified Clinical Relationship Counselor.

He is recognized as a trusted figure in the field and has contributed to renowned relationship websites like and With over 500,000 subscribers, Browning’s YouTube channel has become a go-to resource for relationship advice, earning him the monikers “Breakup Brad” and the “Ex Back Geek.”

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What’s Inside The Ex Factor

The Ex Factor is packed with valuable information to either help you reconcile or entirely move on. I won’t reveal all the details, but here are some standout aspects:

It starts with an intro that builds rapport and credibility – Browning shares why you should trust his expertise. This chapter also confronts the harsh truth of your loneliness, setting the foundation.

Moving forward, there’s a chapter titled “Start With ‘No Contact.'” While the concept of no contact may seem straightforward, this program delves into the nuances and provides guidance tailored to different scenarios. This chapter provides essential guidance on how to make the most out of the no contact period, regardless of whether you made blunders like begging excessively or if the breakup happened a while ago. Follow these tips to navigate the no contact period effectively. It also addresses the challenges that may arise if physical contact during this period is unavoidable. The program covers a wide range of breakup and “ex back” situations, leaving no stone unturned.

Another important chapter worth mentioning is “Preventing Breakup.” While it appears later in the program, it holds significant importance. Assuming you’ve successfully reconciled with your ex, this chapter provides insights on how to maintain a strong and lasting relationship. After investing effort and overcoming the pain of the breakup, it’s crucial to prevent a repeat occurrence. This chapter offers valuable strategies and techniques to keep the relationship alive and filled with passion. These highlights provide just a glimpse into the extensive content of The Ex Factor program.

The Ex Factor Prices and Packages

  • $47, Standard Package
  • The Ex Factor eBook, audio series, and video course.
  • 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction eGuide.
  • 7 Steps to Sex Appeal eReport.
  • Flawless Physique Fitness Guide eManual.

Pro Tips:

  • The Ex Factor offers separate versions for men and women, so ensure you choose the appropriate version that aligns with your gender.
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Our The Ex Factor Verdict

The Ex Factor program stands out at a product which guides those who have recently experienced a painful breakup. The program helps you get your proper bearings in order have the right frame of mind to start working on reconciling with your ex. The advice is actionable and practical. The tools are doable and effective. The content is quite comprehensive. All things considered, this is an easy rating of 5 out of 5 stars for us.

A glaring positive of The Ex Factor program is in its ability to provide a clear roadmap for the broken-hearted. That is, a pathway to reconcile with their ex-partners. This program takes a comprehensive approach in dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, taking into account the emotional suffering that often follows such an event. Additionally, the program emphasizes mindset and behavior during the post-breakup period. By combining grounded human psychology, relationship dynamics, and actionable advice, this program equips readers with the necessary tools for success.

It covers post-breakup scenarios with appropriate responses for each. The approaches are simple and straightforward, not complicated jargon. The structure is well-organized, with each chapter building logically.

Drawbacks? Having separate “for Him” and “for Her” versions seems unnecessary – it could be gender-neutral. And some techniques may appear manipulative, though The Ex Factor ensures it stays ethical.

The Ex Factor is an exceptional program, offering a comprehensive and practical guide to reconnecting with ex-partners. It equips individuals with essential tools to navigate post-breakup dynamics and significantly increases their chances of rebuilding their relationship. This program emphasizes grounded psychology, making it highly effective. By empowering individuals to face challenges head-on, they can overcome post-breakup struggles and emerge stronger than ever.

Our Recommendation

Absolutely Buy The Ex Factor