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You’re at a crossroads – your marriage is spiraling, and separation or divorce looms. This program is your lifeline, offering valuable insights to salvage your relationship by tackling underlying issues head-on. But it’s not just for troubled marriages – even if your bond is stable, you’ll find techniques to continuously nurture and enhance your connection.

Save the Marriage Review Summary

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  • Tailored specifically for married couples on the brink of a fractured relationship, offering guidance to mend cracks and diffuse negative tensions.
  • The author of the program possesses strong credentials and expertise, adding credibility to the advice provided.
  • Suitable for stable couples seeking avenues to enhance their existing relationships.
  • Each chapter concludes with concise bullet points, making it easy to revisit and retain key concepts.
  • Relatable examples? Check. Hypothetical scenarios? You bet. These bridge the gap between theory and practical application.
  • Finances, intimacy, emotional bonding – no stone unturned in turning your marriage around. It’s a comprehensive guide to navigate every aspect of your relationship.
  • Emphasizes a holistic approach, addressing multiple facets of marriage to foster overall improvement.


  • In some instances, the program can become excessively technical, resembling a scientific white paper or technical brochure due to an abundance of abstract concepts and theories.
  • Certain chapters exhibit repetitive content, and conflicting concepts within the program can cause confusion.
  • The program lacks practicality in terms of providing actionable steps for couples to implement in their relationships.
  • Primarily focuses on shifting perspectives in reactive situations rather than proactive actions to actively repair the relationship.
  • Contains noticeable advertisements promoting the author’s relationship counseling services and products, which may become bothersome over time.
  • The program lacks an active support team, leading to potential delays or unanswered inquiries, leaving users without assistance.

Save the Marriage Product Details

“Save the Marriage” is a powerful program dedicated to “marriage repair” and “relationship development.” It tackles the intricate dynamics of relationships, empowering couples with knowledge and tools to navigate challenges positively and constructively. By exploring fundamental principles governing every interaction, you’ll gain a profound understanding of your bond.

The author? Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D. – a highly qualified expert in Marriage and Family Therapy. Two Master’s degrees, a Ph.D. in the field, over two decades as a marriage therapist – his expertise is undeniable.

His diverse experience in Community Building, Personal Coaching, and Life Coaching further enriches the program. This diverse skill set allows him to take a comprehensive approach to marriage repair and relationship development. Despite his extensive experience, Lee remains actively involved in his practice and frequently shares his insights as a guest on various podcasts, showcasing his ongoing commitment to helping couples save and enhance their marriages.

“Save the Marriage” capitalizes on Lee’s expertise and experience, granting users access to his vast knowledge and insights. Through the program, couples gain invaluable strategies, techniques, and principles that contribute to repairing their relationships and nurturing sustained growth and improvement.

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What’s Inside Save the Marriage

“Save the Marriage” kicks off by examining the limitations of traditional marriage counseling and couple’s therapy, as Lee Baucom sheds light on why these approaches often fail to address the core issues within a marriage. His perspective revolves around shifting from a “You & Me” mindset to a “We” paradigm, which forms the focal point of the program’s guidance.

To set the stage, the program introduces a recipe for a successful marriage through a Venn diagram. Lee outlines the three key elements of a thriving relationship and illustrates how they interact harmoniously.

Subsequent chapters delve into the process of identifying, understanding, and committing to the unique purposes of each couple’s marriage. Emphasizing clarity and dedication to fulfilling these purposes, Lee provides valuable insights.

The program continues by offering practical marriage secrets and techniques, including effective communication strategies to steer clear of unnecessary arguments, making progressive decisions, maintaining positive momentum, and navigating emotional challenges.

It then delves into understanding and appreciating your partner’s perspective, establishing and respecting boundaries, and cultivating gratitude and forgiveness.

Fundamental relationship concepts are revisited, exploring topics such as the stages of intimacy, nurturing connection during high-mood periods, and embracing the present moment in your relationship.

Sensitive areas such as sex and money, known to trigger power struggles within couples, are addressed with guidance on how to approach these topics and transform them into tools for building a more harmonious marriage.

The program concludes by offering guidance on continuous growth and evolution within the relationship. Additionally, Lee Baucom provides final statements and shares information about his other products and marriage counseling services.

“Save the Marriage” offers a panoramic exploration of marital aspects, providing practical guidance to strengthen your bond, overcome challenges. It’s a roadmap for a more fulfilling journey together.

Save the Marriage Prices and Packages

  • $47, Standard Package
  • Save the Marriage System eBook set.
  • Coping With a MidLife Marriage Crisis audio files.
  • Recovering From An Affair audio files.
  • 5 Rules For Fair Fighting eReport.
  • Change of Heart by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault eBook.
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Our Save the Marriage Verdict

Save the Marriage presents itself as a valuable resource for couples seeking to repair their marriage and enhance their relationship. While it has strengths and weaknesses, it offers a promising path towards relationship improvement. This program deserves an average grade of 3 out of 5 stars.

Balancing on the edge of a broken relationship? This program shines, offering insights, strategies to repair cracks, diffuse tensions. It’s a lifeline when you need it most. Its extensive relationship advice covers areas like finances and emotional connection, giving couples a comprehensive toolkit to work on their bond from various angles.

Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.’s credibility as a Marriage and Family Therapy expert lends weight to the advice shared. The bullet points at chapter ends facilitate easy reference and retention.

However, the program can feel overly technical or repetitive at times, potentially hindering engagement for some users. Repetition in certain chapters and conflicting concepts can cause confusion and hinder progress.

Shortcomings exist, but strengths prevail. With its comprehensive grasp of relationship dynamics, practical marriage tricks, invaluable insights – it holds immense potential for couples striving to improve their marriages. The emphasis on shifting perspectives, clear communication, and commitment to the relationship’s purpose are powerful tools for growth.

In conclusion, Save the Marriage is worth considering for couples willing to invest time and effort in salvaging their relationship. While it may sometimes feel technical or repetitive, its valuable content and potential for transformation make it a worthwhile resource for couples seeking to save and strengthen their marriages.

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