Revive Her Drive Review

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If you’re a guy enduring a sexless and passionless relationship or marriage, this program might be worthy of your consideration. This program is specifically designed to assist men in reigniting the lost sexual passion in their partners.

Revive Her Drive Review Summary

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  • Provides a wide perspective via its multi-faceted approach. The program taps into insights from multiple experts, providing a diverse range of perspectives on women’s sexual drive. This broad approach ensures that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic.
  • Lays out an abundance of content. The program is packed. We mean really packed. This gives you access to a boatload of information and resources. With a plethora of materials to explore, you’ll find a variety of strategies and techniques to reignite passion in your relationship.
  • Created by lively and personable authors. This benefits from the expertise of its authors, one of whom has gained recognition in the niche. With a background in sexual health and appearances in various media outlets, the authors bring specialized knowledge to the program. We can be confident with their knowledge in this topic, at the very least.
  • Sports a responsive customer service. We received a polite response to our inquiry within 24-hours.


  • Costs a hefty price, relative to other similar products. This program is expensive, considering that there are more affordable and better alternatives available in the market.
  • A major chunk of this product is mostly a compilation package of various other programs. The amount of original content from the authors is thin.
  • Emphasis on quantity over quality. There’s a glaring abundance of content, no question about that. If the content inside is of high quality, that’s another discussion altogether.
  • There’s a feeling of lack of cohesion. The content feels scattered and disconnected. This can hinder the overall effectiveness and ease of implementation. This might even lead to confusion instead of clarity.
  • Has a theoretical emphasis. This program definitely offers numerous theories and insights. As such, it fell short in providing practicality. You will be left wanting if you desire more actionable steps and practical guidance to apply within their relationships.
  • The program’s format is confusing and distracting. It’s not meant for readability or easy consumption. This may hinder the learning experience and make it more challenging to navigate the material effectively.
  • Overemphasis on physical intimacy. One significant concern is the program’s focus primarily on the physical aspect of sexuality. This program oversimplifies relationships, placing an excessive emphasis on sexual intimacy as the sole determinant of a fulfilling relationship or marriage.

Revive Her Drive Product Details

Revive Her Drive is a loaded course that helps men understand, stimulate, and reignite the passion and desire in their relationships. Packed with ebooks and interview audio files, this treasure trove offers a lot of insights and practical techniques.

This program aims to serve as your secret weapon for tackling the issue of lost sexual desire. It sort of provides an avalanche of various theories and expert perspectives – all aimed at bringing back the sizzle in your relationship or marriage.

The core focus of this program is reigniting lost sexual desire in a partner, whether it’s a girlfriend or wife. It provides a range of theories and expert perspectives centered around the common goal of bringing back the sexual flame that may have faded over time.

The authors of Revive Her Drive are Susan Bratton and Tim Bratton. Susan takes center stage as the key figure in the program, supported by Tim. Susan is a renowned intimacy wellness expert, sexual bio-hacker, and self-proclaimed “orgasmanaut.” Her specialization lies in passionate love-making between couples. With Susan’s expertise, the program stands on a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her insights are backed by extensive media appearances where she has shared her expertise and advice. Susan’s prominence in the sexual health niche enhances the credibility and authority of this program.

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What’s Inside Revive Her Drive

We’re giving it to you straight, there’s so much content inside Revive Her Drive. There’s so much packed within that it’s impossible to itemize everything here. But let’s highlight a few components, just enough to give you an idea on what you can expect inside this product.

Oh, here’s something to keep in mind before we proceed. This program aims to provide the tools and guidance necessary for a revitalized relationship. So this program is best suited for those looking to rekindle the fire that has dwindled over time or spark a new level of intimacy within their relationship. Now, on to the highlights.

First up, we have the “Fast Path Guide” ebook. It serves as a jumpstart guide, offering actionable tips and techniques that you can put into practice right away. You won’t need to go deep into complex theories here—this guide focuses on providing you with practical steps to take without the need for extensive understanding of underlying principles.

Next, we have “The 4 Elements of Revival” ebook. This comprehensive resource discusses the principles and mechanisms of female sexual functioning and desire. It covers both the biological and psychological aspects, offering insights into what drives a woman’s sexual passion. With both angles explored, you’ll gain a deeper understanding, appreciation even, of the complexities of female sexuality and how to reignite desire within your relationship.

The components of the program that would take a lot of your time is the collection of 14 audio files. These are predominantly interviews with experts in the dating and relationship fields. Each audio brings a unique perspective and angle to the topic of female sexuality. Each audio interview adds a unique perspective to the entire female sexuality puzzle. You really can’t help expanding your knowledge and understanding of how to foster passion and desire within your relationship once you’ve gone through the entire program.

While these are just a few highlights, Revive Her Drive is commendable for offering a wealth of content covering a wide range of topics related to reigniting passion and intimacy. From ebooks exploring various aspects of female sexuality to interviews with experts, this program aims to provide you with a comprehensive toolkit for reconnecting with your partner on a deeper and more passionate level.

You really need to be prepared to dive into a rich and diverse collection of resources in order to maximize this product.

Revive Her Drive Prices and Packages

  • $97, Standard Package
  • Revive Her Drive eBooks and audios package.
  • Mastery Coaching free access (1-month).

Pro Tips:

  • When watching the video presentation, use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate easily. On a computer or laptop, press left to go back, right to fast forward. A nifty trick for revisiting sections or skipping ahead as needed.
  • Revive Her Drive consists of 7 e-books and 14 interview audios, all bundled together. They form the comprehensive package that is “Revive Her Drive.”
  • During the checkout process, be mindful of the Mastery Coaching free access offer. While it may seem tempting, remember that it’s only free for the first month. If you decide not to go with the coaching, make sure to uncheck the corresponding box during checkout to avoid any unwanted charges in the future.
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Our Revive Her Drive Verdict

Revive Her Drive, oh how you’ve left us feeling torn. This product has a lot of content, even considering its high price point. We see it as a package which has lots of potential. But alas, this product falls short in the end. All things considered, we can only give this program a rating of 1 out of 5 stars. Allow us to break this program down and see where things went sideways.

Revive Her Drive has strengths – it tackles women’s sexual drive from diverse expert perspectives. The wealth of content is impressive, offering info and resources to reignite passion. Susan Bratton brings specialized knowledge and media flair, an appreciated effort.

However, the cons outweighed the pros upon closer look. First, the elephant in the room – the hefty price tag, more expensive than potentially better programs. Kicker: it’s essentially a compilation lacking an original cohesive framework.

Additionally, the emphasis on quantity over quality left us overwhelmed with information but underwhelmed with results. While theories and perspectives abound, practicality is sorely lacking. Scattered, disconnected content lacks cohesion for effective implementation.

The confusing format further frustrates, a distracting obstacle to smooth navigation. Perhaps our biggest concern is the overemphasis on the physical aspect of sexuality. Relationships are multi-faceted; reducing them solely to sexual intimacy disservices the depth of human connections.

Though promising at times, the drawbacks are too great. More affordable, comprehensive programs can better meet your needs, providing practical guidance for reigniting passion and intimacy within your relationship.

In the relationship advice realm, choosing wisely is crucial. Your journey deserves a program with a strong foundation, practical strategies, and a comprehensive approach. Unfortunately, Revive Her Drive falls short on these crucial aspects.

Our Recommendation

Absolutely Don’t Buy Revive Her Drive