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Product NameRatingCategoryAudience
Capture His Heart3/5Dating, Relationship, Marriagehelps Her
Crack the Girl Code5/5Datinghelps Him
Forever Yours3/5Relationshiphelps Her
His Secret Obsession4/5Dating, Relationship, Marriagehelps Her
Infatuation Scripts2/5Dating, Relationshiphelps Her
Irresistible Texts2/5Dating, Relationshiphelps Her
Language of Desire4/5Relationship, Marriagehelps Her
Language of Lust4/5Dating, Relationship, Marriagehelps Him
Magnetic Messaging3/5Datinghelps Him
Make Him Worship You4/5Dating, Relationshiphelps Her
Mend the Marriage5/5Marriagehelps Him, helps Her
Online Allure5/5Datinghelps Her
Relationship Rewrite Method3/5Relationship, Marriagehelps Her
Revive Her Drive1/5Relationship, Marriagehelps Him
Save the Marriage3/5Relationship, Marriagehelps Him, helps Her
Secret Survey5/5Dating, Relationship, Marriagehelps Her
Speak to Spark Arousal3/5Datinghelps Him
Text Chemistry4/5Dating, Relationshiphelps Her
Text the Romance Back4/5Relationship, Marriagehelps Him, helps Her
Text Your Ex Back4/5Relationship, Marriagehelps Him, helps Her
The Devotion System4/5Dating, Relationship, Marriagehelps Her
The Ex Factor5/5Relationship, Marriagehelps Him, helps Her
The Obsession Method4/5Dating, Relationshiphelps Him
The Tao of Badass5/5Datinghelps Him
The Woman Men Adore4/5Relationshiphelps Her
Unlock the Scrambler Review4/5Datinghelps Him
What Men Secretly Want4/5Relationshiphelps Her
Why Men Pull Away4/5Dating, Relationship, Marriagehelps Her