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19 Relationship Goals for a Lifetime of Love and Happiness

When you imagined your perfect relationship, what did you envision? A fairy tale romance? Two soul mates, hopelessly in love, weathering any storm together. An unbreakable bond deepening with passion, intimacy and commitment over time.

The truth is, that dream relationship doesn’t happen by chance. Like any worthwhile pursuit, nurturing a deeply fulfilling partnership requires intention, effort, and shared goals to keep you connected despite the inevitable challenges.

Just as professional athletes or successful entrepreneurs set targets to unlock their full potential, relationship goals provide an essential roadmap for you and your partner. With a clear vision and actionable objectives, you’re equipped to proactively invest in each other rather than regressing into unhealthy patterns or stagnation. Setting and working on relationship goals work, research backs it up. Here’s another one that links relationship goals and progress to relationship quality.

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That intentionality is what transforms a relationship from enduring hard times and coasting aimlessly to continually growing, evolving, and hitting new beautiful heights year after year. Highly satisfying relationships don’t survive on love alone – they’re cultivated through conscious choices.

So what key goals should you and your partner set your sights on? Here are 19 essential, straightforward targets – spanning core fundamentals to future planning to playfulness – that will help keep your love on an upward trajectory for decades to come.

19 Simple yet Impactful Relationship Goals

To help you and your partner build a lifetime of love and happiness, here are 19 essential relationship goals to set, divided into three categories:

Essential Relationship Goals

These goals are foundational to any healthy, loving relationship. They establish the bedrock of trust, respect, and connection that allows your partnership to truly thrive.

  1. Open Communication – Without honest dialogue, resentment and misunderstandings fester. Commit to kindly expressing your feelings and actively listening without judgement. Consider each other’s love languages to connect more meaningfully. When issues arise, discuss them constructively by getting on the same team to resolve problems – not attacking each other.
  2. Mutual Respect – Respect is the baseline for any good relationship. Treat your partner as an equal, never dismissing their thoughts or beliefs. Accept imperfections. Forgive mistakes. Respect boundaries. True acceptance embraces your partner’s authentic self – flaws and all.
  3. Trust and Transparency – Lies and secrets, even white lies, erode that foundation of trust bit by bit. Prioritize full honesty and transparency by courageously divulging everything. When partners trust each other completely, their bond becomes unshakable.
  4. Intimacy and ConnectionPhysical and emotional intimacy create closeness that cements your committed love. Prioritize quality time by being fully present. Nurture your intimate connection through affection, empathy, and vulnerability.
  5. Personal Growth – In a partnership, you influence each other’s personal development. Support each other’s dreams and motivate one another to realize your full potential. Your growth becomes intertwined.
  6. Prioritize Each Other – Especially once married, your relationship should take precedence over other priorities like careers, hobbies, or families of origin (after meeting basic needs). Make your partner’s wellbeing and happiness the top goal.
  7. Positive Atmosphere – How you treat each other day-to-day matters immensely. Strive to have fun, stay playful, embrace each other’s humor, and create laughter and positivity together. This uplifting energy nurtures your bond.
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Future-Oriented Relationship Goals

While essential goals nurture the present, these targets look ahead to ensure your relationship continues growing, evolving, and staying vibrant for years to come.

  1. Financial Responsibility – Money issues are a prime relationship stressor. Have open money conversations, align on goals, save for the future, and build emergency funds. Avoid costly vices like gambling that can jeopardize your future.
  2. Learn Together – Commit to lifelong learning together by taking up new hobbies or skills as a couple. It’ll strengthen teamwork and you’ll appreciate each other’s unique learning styles.
  3. Travel Together – Traveling revolutionizes perspective, so budget for regular adventures together. Being tourists misses opportunities – become explorers and fully immerse yourselves in new cultures. Travel inevitably reveals novel insights about your partner.
  4. Start a Family – If you both want children, have sincere discussions to thoroughly plan and prepare for this life-changing commitment. Don’t become parents until you’re truly ready.
  5. Grow Old Together – Visualize your lives as an loving elderly couple. Then take steps now – like healthy habits, quality couple’s time, and open discussions about aging – to realize that warm, fulfilling future vision.
  6. Plan for Retirement – It’s easy to delay, but you need to make a plan for your retirement years and how you’ll support yourselves as a couple. Strategize how to achieve your ideal retired life.
  7. Renew Your Romance – Rekindle the romantic pursuits, courtship efforts, and fire from early in your relationship through small, intentional acts. Surprising each other with affection nurtures lasting intimacy.
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Fun and Romantic Relationship Goals

This category aims to elevate your relationship from the everyday with goals that keep the spark alive through intentional quality time, playfulness, and romance.

  1. Date Nights – No matter how busy life gets, always schedule recurring date nights for uninterrupted one-on-one time. Even at-home dates with no distractions nurture your connection.
  2. Game Nights – Playing games promotes bonding through friendly competition, teamwork, laughter, and shared new experiences. Don’t believe games are just for kids – find ones you both enjoy!
  3. Catch Sunsets – Build a ritual of watching sunsets together whenever possible. This simple act is romantic while allowing quality present-moment couple’s time.
  4. Love Notes – Bring back the almost-lost art of handwriting love notes to surprise your partner in creative ways. This retro gesture creates smiles.
  5. Couple’s Cooking – Develop the lifelong practical skill of cooking by attending classes or learning together at home. Meal preparation promotes teamwork and quality conversation. In fact, cooking can be therapeutic.

By setting and actively pursuing some or all of these 19 thoughtful relationship goals, you’ll be taking important steps to continuously nurture the unbreakable romantic bond that allows your love to only deepen over time.


It’s all too easy for couples to disregard relationship goals as unimportant or just extra work. Why put in effort when your relationship is just coasting along fine? From the outside, goals can seem like unnecessary overreactions – akin to scrambling to fix a rusty pipe or investigate a minor leak.

But as any experienced couple will tell you, it’s the small sustained efforts that make the biggest difference in nurturing a truly fulfilling partnership. Rather than going overboard with grand romantic gestures, focus your energy on mindfully pursuing goals that steadily grow understanding, intimacy, and commitment over time.

Just like Sarah and Jim at the start, you too can keep your relationship vibrant for decades by setting clear objectives and allowing them to be your guiding light. Whether adopting all 19 of these goals or just a few key priorities, taking intentional steps will strengthen your bond and fuel an ever-deepening love.

So don’t take your relationship for granted. Make it a priority to have open discussions about your goals, visions, and needs. Approach this process with vulnerability, patience, and optimism. By committing to work as a united team, your relationship’s full potential for lasting joy will blossom.

Ready to make your partnership flourish? Start by leaving a comment below sharing which of these 19 goals resonates most with you and your partner’s aspirations.

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