Mend the Marriage Review

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You’re a man or woman who is seeking to salvage a seemingly deteriorating marriage or navigate the challenges of a painful divorce.

Mend the Marriage Review Summary

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  • A thorough program which provides excellent guidance for those navigating a delicate marriage or divorce situation. It helps individuals regain their sense of self and equips them with effective steps to increase the chances of reconciliation. With expert advice at your disposal, even when your partner wants out, and you don’t, this program offers invaluable support.
  • The author is widely followed and respected as a relationship counselor. With a proven track record and bestselling books, he has established his credentials through years of offering effective advice with sincerity. This adds credibility to the program and instills trust in the guidance provided.
  • Covers a wide range of relationship principles, actionable steps, and common problem situations experienced in marriages and divorce. It offers in-depth discussions and clarity on the various causes of a weakened marriage and provides effective solutions to address them.
  • Recognizes the importance of considering the impact on children and the extended family. It provides insights and strategies that extend beyond the married couple, ensuring a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to relationship repair.
  • Thoughtfully organized, with a cohesive flow of topics. This makes it easy to navigate and locate specific information. It’s easy to appreciate the logical progression. You wouldn’t encounter any difficulties finding the relevant sections you’re looking for either.
  • Boasts a visually appealing design aesthetic that enhances the overall reading experience. The pleasing design contributes to maximum readability, making it easier to absorb the valuable content.
  • The support team is known for its quick and caring response. When we reached out to them, our question received a prompt and helpful reply within the same day. Knowing that support is readily available adds to the positive user experience.


  • Throughout the program, you may encounter upsells, which can be somewhat distracting at times. While they are manageable, they can interrupt the flow of the main content and may require additional consideration.
  • Offers separate “for Him” and “for Her” versions, which are sold separately. However, the core content is essentially the same, with only slight variations in pronouns and some minor conceptual shifts. It would have been more convenient and inclusive if the program had been sold as one product, utilizing gender-neutral pronouns.
  • Due to formatting choices, the program may appear longer than it actually is. This really doesn’t impact the quality of the content, but some users may find it misleading or perceive it as a longer time commitment than they initially anticipated.

Mend the Marriage Product Details

“Mend the Marriage” is a highly comprehensive program. It’s a program focused on addressing the causes and repercussions of marital breakdown. To that end, the program provides actionable steps for repairing and strengthening relationships. We like that the program recognizes the inherent value of every marriage. Therefore, the strategy of the program is to equip you with the necessary understanding and tools to mend your relationship. Just to set expectations though, this program won’t work for extreme cases where separation may be the best option.

The program takes an extensive dive into the underlying causes of marital breakdown and divorce. By gaining a deep understanding of these causes, users are empowered to take precise actions recommended within the program to mend their marriages. Mend the Marriage serves as an essential guide for navigating the challenging and often murky terrain of deteriorating relationships or ongoing divorces. It offers a systematic approach that involves clearly defining the situation, managing emotions, building resilience, and implementing necessary actions to mend the relationship.

Mend the Marriage is the brainchild of Brad Browning. He is a renowned expert in relationship counseling. Brad has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from the University of British Columbia. He then built his practice as a Certified Clinical Relationship Counselor. He has established himself as a go-to coach for mending broken relationships and providing guidance in divorce situations. With his extensive expertise and experience, Brad has earned the reputation of “Breakup Brad” and the “Ex Back Geek.”

Aside from those credentials, Brad also built a significant following. He has a popular relationship channel on YouTube and has contributed to reputable platforms such as and Aside from that, he is a best-selling author. His impressive credentials and track record assure users of a credible program and author behind this program, further strengthening the trustworthiness of the guidance provided.

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What’s Inside Mend the Marriage

Mend the Marriage is an end-to-end program guiding customers through the process of first, repairing the relationship. Once repaired, we can strengthen and fortify that relationship. We don’t want to spoil anything. There is a lot of content inside this program. Here are your highlights.

The initial chapters lay the groundwork. Brief sentences provide context around breakups and divorce. Longer passages help you understand your current situation – how you got here, where you stand now, and potential paths forward. Framing things clearly allows you to better define the problem and explore solutions.

Following the setup chapters, the course delves into your inner situation, focusing on helping you make sense of your emotions and experiences. It provides guidance to navigate the intense feelings that accompany a deteriorating relationship or divorce. Similar to the cathartic effect of discussing a challenging experience with loved ones, gaining clarity on your emotions can help calm you down and lay a strong foundation for effectively addressing and resolving the problem. Additionally, the program offers advice on building resilience, ensuring you remain strong and avoid making harmful decisions during this challenging ordeal.

Once you have achieved a composed and calm state, Mend the Marriage presents actionable steps to begin mending the marriage or diffusing the divorce. The subsequent chapters tackle various issues commonly associated with deteriorating marriages, such as affairs and infidelity, lack of sex and intimacy, mental health concerns, addictions, and even abuse. The program guides you through these complex situations, providing support and guidance on how to address them properly.

Mend the Marriage Prices and Packages

  • $49.95, Standard Package
  • Mend the Marriage main eBook, audio course, and video series.
  • Infidelity Survival Guide eGuide.
  • Children and Divorce eManual.
  • Marriage Money Matters eReport.
  • Mend the Team eWorksheets.

Pro Tips:

  • It’s important to note that there are separate “for Him” and “for Her” versions available, which are sold separately. It is recommended to choose the version that aligns with your gender to fully maximize the concepts and benefits of the program.
  • The lineup of bonus materials included with the program may vary. The author has a tendency to add new bonuses to enhance the value of the product. While the main program remains consistent, you may receive a different set of bonuses than those listed above.
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Our Mend the Marriage Verdict

Mend the Marriage deserves the highest recommendation for anyone dealing with marital issues or divorce. At its core are powerful insights and actionable advice from relationship counselor Brad Browning. We confidently give this 5 out of 5 stars, easy.

A key strength is Brad himself – a certified clinical relationship expert and best-selling author. His expertise shines through, instilling confidence as he compassionately guides users.

The program leaves no stone unturned when it comes to relationship challenges. Infidelity, intimacy issues, mental health, abuse – it covers it all. You get the knowledge and tools to tackle problems head-on and make positive changes.

The program’s structure is impeccable. Well-organized sections allow you to easily find relevant information. The aesthetic design enhances readability too.

Separate versions for men and women ensure the concepts align with your perspective. Some minor upsells occur but don’t detract much from the overall quality.

Ultimately, Mend the Marriage provides invaluable insights for repairing relationships or navigating divorce. The pros far outweigh the cons in this comprehensive program.

In summary, it’s a must-buy for anyone committed to salvaging their marriage. It offers a lifeline – practical solutions to mend your relationship and reignite lasting love, happiness and fulfillment.

Our Recommendation

Absolutely Buy Mend the Marriage