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You’re one of those guys who struggle with approaching girls in person, you might want to take a look at Magnetic Messaging. This product helps improve your digital messaging skills and making a real impact on the ladies. In today’s tech-driven world, knowing how to craft compelling texts is essential, and with Magnetic Messaging, you can confidently slide into those DMs and leave a lasting impression.

Magnetic Messaging Review Summary

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  • Magnetic Messaging is a dating guide that teaches guys how to make their move through texting and instant messaging. Perfect for shy dudes or those who prefer a digital approach. Flirt like a pro from behind the screen!
  • This product lays out a comprehensive, step-by-step program teaching the art of attractive communication using mobile phones and instant messaging. You’ll be equipped with practical skills to enhance your interactions with women through texting and other digital means.
  • Magnetic Messaging has got you covered with a detailed list of practical do’s and don’ts, guiding you through the entire texting process. It even goes beyond just texting tips, providing advice on how to handle various dating situations like a champ.
  • This guide is fun, not boring. The material is entertaining, witty, and has colorful graphics that’ll keep you hooked. Learning has never been so engaging!
  • No need to imagine how it’s done – the product includes real-life examples and templates that bring the principles to life. You’ll see exactly how to apply the concepts in your own interactions.
  • With Magnetic Messaging, you won’t be left hanging. Expect efficient and helpful customer support, with prompt replies received in less than 24 hours. They’ve got your back whenever you need assistance.


  • Ladies, this one’s not for you! Magnetic Messaging is designed specifically for men seeking dating advice. But hey, you might still find it amusing to peek into men’s perspectives.
  • While the guide offers effective techniques, following them to the letter can come across as overly calculated and scripted. A balance of template plus your unique spin is key to let your true personality shine through during interactions.
  • But remember, every woman is unique. What works for one might not work for the next. Magnetic Messaging takes a general approach, so tailor the interactions to her preferences.
  • Yes, dating and pizza analogies can be entertaining, but they may also leave you scratching your head. Not everyone might resonate with these comparisons.
  • The examples provided may be detailed, but some might find them a tad unrealistic or even absurd. Real-life scenarios may not always mirror the conversations portrayed.
  • Nobody’s perfect, right? While some typos might pop up throughout the program, they won’t hinder you from gaining valuable insights. Just a minor detail to keep in mind.

Magnetic Messaging Product Details

Magnetic Messaging is a serviceable guide, specifically designed for men looking to conquer the modern dating world. The heart of the program revolves around teaching guys how to use text messaging to not only secure that first date but also subsequent ones. In a world where mobile phones have revolutionized dating, Magnetic Messaging empowers men to unleash their confident, playful, and attractive personalities through texts.

The masterminds behind this program are none other than Bobby Rio and Rob Judge – two dating experts with an impressive track record. Bobby Rio, the co-author, is a dating guru and the brains behind TSB Magazine, a go-to men’s lifestyle portal for valuable dating insights. His reputation as a pro pick-up artist and his wealth of dating books and articles have earned him a spot on prestigious platforms like the Dating Skills Podcast. Among his past successful works are “Conversation Escalation,” “The Natural Approach,” and “How to Get Out of the Friend Zone.”

Teaming up with Bobby Rio, Rob Judge brings his own dating expertise to the table as a blogger and professional dating instructor. Through his company, Date Hotter Girls, Rob has been on a mission to teach men the art of meeting and attracting women. His extensive collection of blogs and books covers every facet of dating advice.

Together, Bobby and Rob have created a powerhouse resource in Magnetic Messaging, offering men the skills and techniques to excel in the world of texting and digital communication. With step-by-step instructions and practicality at its core, this guide ensures tangible results. Bobby and Rob’s collaboration tackles the dating challenges men face and presents innovative strategies to overcome them.

Magnetic Messaging takes men on a journey covering not just the initial approach but also how to sustain attraction and interest over multiple dates. Understanding women’s preferences and personalities is paramount, and the guide teaches men to tailor their messages accordingly. Engaging graphics, examples, and templates make the learning experience both enjoyable and informative.

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What’s Inside Magnetic Messaging

Going through Magnetic Messaging, I can confidently vouch for its abundance of valuable content, centered around three crucial ingredients for attractive phone use: “sparking emotions,” “making connections,” and “handling logistics.” At the core of the entire system lies the “Key Lock Sequence” – the method that triggers all of these crucial ingredients.

One of the standout features of Magnetic Messaging is its thorough exploration of the three phases of a textship: “wanting to date her,” “sort of dating her,” and “already dating her.” Each phase demands a unique texting approach, and the program provides a comprehensive guide to navigate through them with finesse.

In the “wanting to date her” phase, the program emphasizes critical moments before the first date. Valuable tips include avoiding prolonged gaps between your initial meeting and the first text exchange, and proposing a meet-up after no more than two texts. Striking the right balance between showing interest and avoiding excessive texting is key.

Transitioning into the “sort of dating her” phase, Magnetic Messaging equips users with strategies to maintain the sizzle and create anticipation for subsequent encounters. It delves into the art of bantering, attractive compliments, humor, and building excitement for a second date.

As the relationship progresses, the program shifts its focus to the “you’re dating her” phase, providing insights on keeping the spark alive and avoiding complacency, which can be detrimental to any relationship. Additionally, it explores ways to heat things up through various means – some of which may get a bit daring, but I’ll leave those discoveries for you to explore within the program.

Beyond these core phases, Magnetic Messaging offers practical guidance on handling awkward and uncomfortable situations that can arise during text communication. It equips users with responses for ill-at-ease moments and helps tackle challenging questions like “Who is this?” or “What do you look like?” Furthermore, the program addresses scenarios like texting someone you’ve just slept with, offering valuable insights for handling such delicate situations.

Magnetic Messaging Prices and Packages

  • $47, Standard Package
  • Magnetic Messaging eBook.
  • The Infatuation Formula video files.
  • The Rejection Proof video files.
  • The 99 Best Texts of All Time eReport.
  • 30-day free trial to Magnetic Mastermind Kit Weekly Training.
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Our Magnetic Messaging Verdict

Magnetic Messaging is a dating guide tailored for men, focused on using texts to build relationships. It teaches how to craft compelling messages that ignite attraction. An interesting read with valuable tips, but it has some drawbacks. 3 out of 5 stars for this product.

The good. It covers various dating scenarios and provides detailed texting guidelines. An engaging read that equips men with tools to connect through digital communication.

The bad. It can feel scripted, like pick-up lines. As more people use similar techniques, it may lose effectiveness. Plus, every woman is unique – what works for one might not work for another. Personal preferences matter.

Despite its drawbacks, Magnetic Messaging still holds value. It serves as a light and enjoyable resource for learning to be more entertaining and engaging in text conversations. If you’re open to exploring new approaches and incorporating the provided guidelines with authenticity, the program can undoubtedly help enhance your texting game and increase your appeal to the women you communicate with.

In essence, Magnetic Messaging is worth considering. You want to improve your texting game. Build better digital connections. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some techniques may be less effective in certain situations. Adapt the advice to suit individual circumstances.

With its fun approach and practical tips, Magnetic Messaging offers valuable insights for enhancing your dating life digitally. But the decision depends on your openness to learning new texting styles and techniques.

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