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The Love Character Test by K Test One: This TikTok Sensation Reveals Your Dating Style

I’ve been writing about dating and relationships for over a decade now. Dating trends and developments always fascinate me. Social media has allowed trends to come up left and right. As it is, recently my teenage niece couldn’t stop discussing this new TikTok personality test called the “Love Character Test.”

“You have to take it, Uncle!” she exclaimed, “It tells you what kind of dater you are!” Ah, yes, teens talking about dating and relationships at that age. How times have changed?

As for the test, I’ll admit I was skeptical. How could a simple online quiz really reveal anything meaningful about your romantic personality? It probably can’t, but I try to keep an open mind, so I decided to try. At worst, it can be a bonding experience between me and my niece.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the Love Character Test, how to take it yourself, and what your results might mean for your love life and relationship style. Get ready to join the millions of people who have discovered their “love character!”

What is K Test One’s Love Character Test?

The Love Character Test is a famous personality quiz created by the Korean company K Test One (or ktestone). It’s one of their many renowned relationship quizzes.

This 12-question test categorizes you into a specific “love character” based on your responses to romantic scenarios and situations. The results describe your personality as a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Since its introduction, the Love Character Test has soared in popularity on TikTok and Twitter. Users eagerly share their results using hashtags like #lovecharactertest and #lovecharactertestresults.

It went viral for a short time in early 2023, though not quite as popular as K Test One’s Smile Dating Test (we have an in-depth article about the Smile Dating Test that can be found here). Still, exploring your romantic personality remains a fun and engaging activity.

The Love Character Test is available in multiple languages, including Korean, Chinese, German, Spanish, and Italian, increasing its global reach and viral spread.

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How to Take the Quiz

Taking the Love Character Test is simple:

  1. Visit the ktestone website:
  2. Users are greeted with a prompt to select their gender. Choosing between the ‘Women’ or ‘Men’ options ensures the results are tailored to the user’s unique personality traits and love style.
  3. Answer each of the 12 questions by selecting one of the two choices that resonate with you the most.
  4. After answering all 12 questions, you’ll get your love character results!
Love Character Test Front Page

Questions In The Love Character Test

  1. When you go on a blind date, how do you do?
  2. When your friend asks you to go on a couple date, what can be your reaction?
  3. What do you do at the beginning of a relationship?
  4. How would you react if you were looking through your childhood photos and found a picture of the two of you together?
  5. What do you do if you woke up from a bad dream?
  6. When you go to a must-eat restaurant, which route do you want to take?
  7. If you play your lover a song you like and he/she doesn’t like it, what can be your reaction?
  8. When you received a call that your lover argues with his/her friend, what would you do?
  9. How would you react if your lover couldn’t come to your anniversary?
  10. What would you do if your lover asked you to see a movie while you had work to do?
  11. When you have a conflict with your lover, what do you do?
  12. What do you do right after going on a fun trip with your lover?
Love Character Test Questions

Results in the Love Character Test

After completing the 12-question quiz, users receive a short Boyfriend or Girlfriend archetype such as “Boyfriend with Full of Love” or “Pacifist Girlfriend.”

The results page also includes a cute character drawing representing the archetype. Additionally, several descriptive phrases explain the user’s dating personality in detail, such as “They hate conflicts” or “They get hurt and upset easily.”

Combining the archetype, illustration, and personal analysis provides a fun and insightful overview of romantic tendencies.

Love Character Test Results

How Netizens Are Reacting to this Personality Test

The Love Character Test has elicited an array of reactions from netizens. Many users find the personality results to be precise.

Comments like “This test knows me better than I know myself!” and “How is this so true?” demonstrate how accurately the users perceive the quiz to capture their romantic styles and habits. These users are shocked by how the test seems to peer into the core of their love lives.

Other netizens see the Love Character Test as a fun and entertaining way to pass the time. They enjoy comparing results with friends and joking about the archetypes and descriptions. The test represents a lighthearted new social media trend for these users rather than a profound insight into their personalities.

Whether they take the test seriously or just for laughs, people across the internet appear to be enjoying participating in this latest viral quiz. The Love Character Test provides quick amusement and the chance to explore different dating dispositions.

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The Pros and Cons of the Love Character Test


  1. The test is straightforward and accessible. With only 12 simple questions with 2 answer choices, it requires minimal time and effort to complete. Users don’t have to do reflective thinking or evaluation to take the test.
  2. Since it only takes about 1 minute to finish, the test provides quick entertainment and fun.
  3. The test can provide a glimpse into your dating behaviors, preferences, and personality quirks. The lighthearted descriptions allow users to laugh at their romantic tendencies while comparing experiences with friends who took the test.
  4. The shareable nature fuels its viral spread. After taking such a short, entertaining test, sharing your results online or in real life is tempting. Comparing outcomes sparks conversation and connections.
  5. Those conversations lead to the test becoming a social activity. Friends influence friends to take the test so they can relate and discuss outcomes together. The Love Character Test brings people together as much as it spreads online.


  1. Initially created in Korean, the English translation is understandable but needs grammatical finesse. The stilted phrasing takes away from the fun, shareable nature.
  2. The test forces users into binary gender options: male or female. This vastly limits inclusivity for the LGBTQIA+ community and those who identify as non-binary. Pigeonholing users into one of two genders hurts more than it helps.
  3. There is zero scientific validity or psychological research behind the Love Character Test. It is not backed by data or analytics. The results come from entertainment perspectives, not credible evaluation methodologies.

How to Make the Most of the Love Character Test

  1. Be completely honest, and don’t overthink your responses. Go with your initial gut reaction to each question. Thoughtful deliberation defeats the purpose of this quick viral test. Let your instincts guide you to the most accurate portrayal of your dating style. In short, choose the answers that click to you the most.
  2. Keep perspective, and don’t take the results as fact. This entertaining quiz is not meant to be an in-depth personality analysis. Have fun with the archetypes and descriptions rather than harshly judging yourself or your love life based on them.
  3. Share your unique results on social media and text them to friends. Comparing outcomes is half the fun! Seeing how your dating styles align or differ can lead to meaningful conversations about your distinctive relationship perspectives and experiences.
  4. Use the test results as an icebreaker to connect with new people. Bond, with your partner if applicable, over your dating personalities and swap stories. The Love Character Test offers a fun way to foster new relationships and broaden your social circle. Discussing the results can reveal shared outlooks on romance and compatibility.
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After taking the Love Character Test, I shared the results with my niece. We enjoyed comparing our dating styles and laughing about the archetypes and descriptions.

While the test shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it did seem scarily accurate about some of our tendencies and provided a lively conversation starter. Ultimately, it offered a quick and amusing way to explore our romantic personalities and bond over our relationship perspectives.

The key to this viral quiz is enjoying the experience and connections it facilitates rather than overanalyzing the results. It’s meant to be a social, lighthearted personality test – not gospel truth.

What was your Love Character result? Did it resonate or surprise you? Share your thoughts and stories below! Comparing experiences with this trending test can lead to meaningful conversations. And remember to share this article if you find it entertaining.

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