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Long Distance Relationship Songs: 23 Tracks to Feel Closer to Your Love

The exit sign’s glow bathed Sarah’s face in amber as she clutched her phone tight. Her eyes were fixated on the latest photo John had sent — a candid shot capturing his warm smile over morning coffee. Miles apart, yet the distance vanished in that moment.

Long-distance relationships? A delicate dance of commitment, patience, and creative nurturing. Those gaps of time and space breed loneliness, doubt, and heartache if left unchecked. But for the resilient souls who choose to love across the miles, every little gesture to feel closer becomes invaluable.

In those quiet moments when the longing for your partner’s embrace becomes acute, sometimes all it takes is the right song playing through your headphones. The perfect lyrics and melody can transport you back to their arms, if even for a few fleeting minutes. An entire relationship’s worth of memories, hopes, and dreams is distilled into a 3-minute track — the ultimate long distance remedy.

So whether you’re missing your soulmate while studying abroad, enduring a seasonal separation, or committed to making your long distance relationship work, cue up this melodic bridge across the miles. These 23 long distance relationship songs will become your most powerful allies against the pangs of loneliness.

How Music Can Help in a Long Distance Relationship

In a long distance relationship, you’ll take any ally you can get to overcome those silent spaces where longing and loneliness can creep in. Music just may be your most powerful weapon against the emotional void of being apart.

Music isn’t just entertainment. Music has profound effects on the psyche. The right tune lifts spirits or triggers memories that whisk you away.

Upbeat songs? They stimulate endorphins, serotonin, dopamine – nature’s anti-depressants. Slow, soulful melodies have the power to soothe anxiety and pain. On a deeper level, music facilitates communication, bonding, and shared experiences that bring people closer together.

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For long distance couples, music is the metaphorical North Star — a steady beacon guiding you both through the ups and downs. It offers comfort during the inescapable stretches of solitude, a distraction from any frustrations, and a means to express emotions words alone cannot capture. Creating playlists filled with songs redolent of inside jokes, memorable dates or treasured moments lets you relive those times together through melody. Sharing new tracks keeps your connection evergreen.

Perhaps most importantly, music enables you and your partner to transcend the distance, if only temporarily. Coordinating listening sessions by video call or webcam lets you experience those rhythms and lyrics in tandem, forging a real-time appreciation and closeness. Every harmony, beat, and verse becomes an emotional dance only you two share in that instant.

23 Long Distance Relationship Songs for Every Mood and Occasion

Music’s profound ability to attune to our every emotion makes it the ultimate long distance relationship companion. But not all songs are created equal when spanning that geographical divide. Your mood and specific occasion will dictate what melodic medicine best supplements those pangs of separation.

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Upbeat Songs – For When You Need an Infectious Pick-Me-Up

When you’re yearning for that scintillating mood boost, these upbeat anthems will rejuvenate your long distance romance. From feel-good vibrations to passionate declarations, get ready to chase away those flat-line funks with some melodic optimism.

  1. “Jet Lag” – Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield
    • The struggle of straddling time zones and schedules tears at long distance couples’ hearts. But “Jet Lag” captures the resilience and commitment to making it work no matter what. The chorus croons “I miss you so bad / And my heart, heart, heart is so jet-lagged” – a rallying cry for pushing through those out-of-sync distances.
    • Listen to “Jet Lag” on YouTube
  2. “One Call Away” – Charlie Puth
    • You may be oceans apart, but Puth’s poppy reassurance is a sweet promise that you’re never alone. The chorus vows “I’m one call away / I’ll save the day” – a warm reminder your partner’s a ring away from unconditional support.
    • Listen to “One Call Away” on YouTube
  3. “A Thousand Miles” – Vanessa Carlton
    • Love knows no boundaries? This impassioned piano ballad’s for you. Carlton’s soaring vocals make a grand romantic gesture: “If I could see you tonight / I’d walk a thousand miles.” An energetic anthem about trekking any distance for their heart’s desire.
    • Listen to “A Thousand Miles” on YouTube
  4. “Hey There Delilah” – Plain White T’s
    • A love letter set to music, this acoustic charmer sends lovesick sentiments across zip codes. The narrator rhapsodizes about his big-city girl from afar, pining “Times Square can’t shine as bright as you.” Its upbeat ardor’s a harmless three-minute crush.
    • Listen to “Hey There Delilah” on YouTube
  5. “Lucky” – Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
    • An exuberant duet celebrating the fortune of finding unbreakable love. Mraz and Caillat joyfully affirm “Lucky I’m in love with my best friend” over a breezy, feel-good rhythm. An optimistic anthem about pulling your partner close even from afar.
    • Listen to “Lucky” on YouTube
  6. “I Miss You” – Blink-182
    • This pop-punk jam captures the melancholy ennui of having your soulmate ripped away. Despondent lyrics like “Don’t waste your time on me / You’re already the voice inside my head” ache with loneliness. Yet the upbeat grooves provide rousing hope you’ll reunite soon.
    • Listen to “I Miss You” on YouTube
  7. “Vanilla Twilight” – Owl City
    • Gentle synth-pop creates a celestial atmosphere as Owl City pines “I wish you were here” amid starry-eyed reveries. The wistful chorus floats like a lovesick lullaby, finding peace in cosmic daydreams of your long distance lover’s embrace.
    • Listen to “Vanilla Twilight” on YouTube
  8. “I Miss You” – Incubus
    • With its bright, driving riffs, Incubus cuts right to the heart of long distance heartache. Tender, unflinching words convey steadfast devotion: “I know I’ll see you again…but I need you to know that I care and I miss you.” Refreshingly simple affirmations.
    • Listen to “I Miss You” on YouTube
  9. “Come Back…Be Here” – Taylor Swift
    • Swift lays bare the irrational jealousy of watching your globetrotting partner’s adventures from afar in this country-tinged pop-rock anthem. The hook’s melancholic cry “This is falling in love in the cruelest way” captures that unique long distance torment.
    • Listen to “Come Back… Be Here” on YouTube

Slow Songs – For Those Quintessential Bonding Moments

Sometimes you need the soul-soothing sweetness of a ballad to truly connect across the miles. These slow burns will reignite your smoldering passion and reaffirm your heart’s devotion, even from worlds apart. Dim the lights and cue the candles…

  1. “Talking to the Moon” – Bruno Mars
    • When your partner’s absence feels inescapable, Mars captures the late-night lovelorn routine of “talking to the moon” in their honor. Celestial metaphors convey a yearning for cosmic connection: “In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too.” It’s wistful eloquence for lonely souls.
    • Listen to “Talking to the Moon” on YouTube
  2. “Right Here Waiting” – Richard Marx
    • This piano-laden 80s classic is an iconic vow to hold down the homefront. Marx’s raspy tenor uplifts with resolute lines like “Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks, I will be right here waiting for you.” A comforting embrace when distance looms indefinitely.
    • Listen to “Right Here Waiting” on YouTube
  3. “Home” – Michael Bublé
    • Crooning over a lush jazz arrangement, Bublé longs for domesticity amid his worldly travels. “Maybe surrounded by a million people I still feel all alone” – a relatable lament for the rootless. This smooth standard channels your homesick heart.
    • Listen to “Home” on YouTube
  4. “Long Distance” – Bruno Mars
    • The somber title says it all, as Mars’ trademark velour vocals mourn “Though I hate to see you go…it’s so hard to be strong.” Still, the chorus uplifts with reassurances like “I’ll wait for you as long as I need to.” A melancholy mood is nicely counterbalanced.
    • Listen to “Long Distance” on YouTube
  5. “I’m Already There” – Lonestar
    • With gentle acoustic persuasion, Lonestar comforts their faraway family that “I’m already there” in spirit. Grounding mantras like “I’m the sunshine in your hair” provide that intangible closeness all long distance lovers seek.
    • Listen to “I’m Already There” on YouTube
  6. “When You’re Gone” – Avril Lavigne
    • With raw intensity, Lavigne lays bare the gaping void of missing your partner: “The pieces of my heart are missing you/The face I came to know is missing too.” Her angsty vocals convey that soul-shattering incompleteness long distance often breeds.
    • Listen to “When You’re Gone” on YouTube
  7. “Home” – Daughtry
    • This introspective rocker captures the melancholy of life on the road away from loved ones. Daughtry’s raspy croon pines “These places and these faces are getting old” over wistful guitar lines. An ode to sacrificing domestic bliss while chasing bigger dreams.
    • Listen to “Home” on YouTube
  8. “Here Without You” – 3 Doors Down
    • 3 Doors Down ensures you’re never truly alone by keeping their honey’s memory alive “in my dreams.” The chorus uplifts with resolute mantras like “You’re still on my lonely mind” and “You’re still with me.” Determination personified in music.
    • Listen to “Here Without You” on YouTube
  9. “Long Distance” – Brandy
    • On this R&B pleader, Brandy serenades through the insecurities of miles between lovers: “Sometimes it just gets hard being here without you.” She longs for reassurance over atmospheric beats – a smooth soundtrack for soothing separation anxiety.
    • Listen to “Long Distance” on YouTube
  10. “So Far Away” – Carole King
    • The melancholy piano-laden musings of an icon resonate: “It would be so fine to see your face at my door.” King’s comforting timbre provides warm understanding for far-flung relationships bridging the gap.
    • Listen to “So Far Away” on YouTube
  11. “Faithfully” – Journey
    • This rock anthem rallies long distance commitments with fist-pumping power ballad energy. “I’m forever yours / Faithfully” is a bold pledge to go the distance, no matter how many miles it takes. Rousing solidarity in song.
    • Listen to “Faithfully” on YouTube
  12. “Somewhere Out There” – Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram
    • Two transcendent voices lend poetic uplift, reassuring “Someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight.” Delicate yet mighty, their croon reaffirms the soul connection blossoming “somewhere out there” beyond borders.
    • Listen to “Somewhere Out There” on YouTube
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Fun Songs – For Putting a Smile on Your Partner’s Face

Pangs of separation got you both gloomy? These playful picks guarantee spicing things up, putting a smile on your long distance lover’s face from miles away.

  1. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – The Proclaimers
    • “I’d go the distance for you” – nothing says it like this infectiously upbeat Scottish earworm. Its charming bluegrass stomp and quintessentially quirky music video make it impossible not to grin along to francophonic refrains like “I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more!”
    • Listen to “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” on YouTube
  2. “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” – Soulja Boy
    • Embracing the era’s masterful mashup of hip-hop, R&B, and electronic, this tongue-in-cheek club banger plays out every lovelorn long distance fantasy. The flirtatious refrain “I really wanna kiss ya but I can’t” is risqué charisma personified. For when you need an audible wink from across the map.
    • Listen to “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” on YouTube


The soft airport glow faded as Sarah tucked her phone away, John’s smile still emblazoned in her mind’s eye. In that moment, the cosmic forces conspired to deliver her a potent reminder – while love’s physical form may experience departures, its spiritual essence remains eternally united across any divide.

As a Certified Relationship Coach, it’s my belief that for every couple stretched between zip codes, that intangible connection fuels an unbreakable lifeline – one harmonized perfectly through the universal language of song. Those melodic cables cast out into the ether, reeling hearts back together through the sheer resilience of human expression.

So whether drowning in the depths of long distance sorrow or giddily anticipating reuniting soon, keep these 23 tunes queued up and on heavy rotation. In my opinion, they are your most powerful salves for curing pangs of separation. Your emotional compasses realigning you both on the shortest path to embrace again, no matter how many miles it weaves.

Because at the end of the loneliest night, when all seems lost across that yawning expanse, the right lyrics and notes can part the distance like Moses’ staff upon the sea. Music’s celestial waves will deliver you right back into each other’s arms – the most sublime of homecomings.

Has a special song helped keep your long distance relationship in tune? We’d love to hear it! Share your melodic mantras and anecdotes in the comments so others can add them to their playlists too. After all, your friends trying to conquer the miles will surely thank you for imparting such sage soul-sustaining wisdom.


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