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You’re a woman looking to ignite a passionate and genuine connection with your man. This program offers techniques and insights to help you spark the passion in your relationship. Whether you’re looking to add a little spice or deepen your connection, this product is designed to empower women with effective strategies.

Language of Desire Review Summary

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  • A must-have tool for women who yearn to cultivate an authentic, passionate connection with their partner without having to resort to being too explicit. It fulfills a crucial and pressing need that many women have to be genuinely desired by their partners.
  • Empowers women to embrace their sexuality and fulfill their partner’s primal needs without feeling pressured to conform to the unrealistic standards portrayed by adult film stars or models.
  • Created by an author who is a “living proof” of its effectiveness and is endorsed by a respected expert in relationship development.
  • Focuses on a specific yet often overlooked topic—igniting sexual passion within a partner—which studies show contributes to a more fulfilling overall relationship.
  • Adopts a “for women, by women” approach, fostering open and mature discussions about female sexuality without embarrassment or taboo.
  • Distinguishes between being “sexy” and “slutty,” helping women understand the difference and guiding them towards genuine desire and love.
  • Well-organized and accompanied by helpful worksheets, facilitating the practical application of the techniques.
  • Offers 24-hour customer service support, ensuring prompt assistance for any concerns.


  • Designed exclusively for women, limiting its applicability to a specific audience.
  • While the author may not be widely known or highly credentialed, the endorsement from relationship expert Michael Fiore adds credibility.
  • Some aspects of the program may feel dated, considering the evolving landscape of relationships and sexuality.
  • While other programs offer a wider range of topics such as dating, building relationships, and commitment, this program specifically targets the arousal and enhancement of sexual passion in a partner.

Language of Desire Product Details

Language of Desire is a specialized program designed for women seeking to enhance their intimate relationships. This program does so by focusing on teaching women how to effectively communication their desires to their partners. This program appreciates the crucial role that the quality of “lovemaking” plays in the overall health of a relationship. In that regard, Language of Desire provides valuable insights and techniques to address this aspect.

The program focuses on teaching women how to “talk sexy,” exuding confidence while pleasuring their partners, without crossing the line into explicit or demeaning territory. It empowers women to embrace their sensuality and establish a deep, subconscious connection and bond with their partners through the power of their words.

Felicity Keith is the author and creator of Language of Desire. People call her the “Suburban Carrie Bradshaw” (of “Sex and the City” fame). She doesn’t have a long list of professional qualifications, but her personal experiences and success in overcoming her own relationship problems does provide a good and unique perspective. Well, good and unique enough.

While Felicity Keith’s credentials may not be highly formalized, her credibility is bolstered by the endorsement of renowned dating and relationship expert, Michael Fiore. His stamp of approval adds weight to the program and helps alleviate any doubts about Felicity’s expertise and the effectiveness of Language of Desire.

Due to personal struggles with her partner, Felicity initially created this course as a personal journal. Over time, she developed and improved it into the robust program that exists today. In that sense, this program is a practical “living proof” product perfected via years of enduring the challenges offered by the mean streets of “lovemaking” avenue and “passion” boulevard.

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What’s Inside Language of Desire

The Language of Desire program offers a complete range of modules that can help you awaken desire and passion in your relationship from a variety of angles. Let’s dive inside each module.

The program begins with an “Introduction” where you get to know the author and her motivation behind creating this product. It addresses the difficulties women often face in expressing their sexuality, which can lead to unsatisfying relationships.

Module 2, titled “Become A Sexual Superwoman!”, explores the concept of being sexy without crossing the line into being perceived as slutty or dirty. It helps you embrace your sexuality as an essential aspect of womanhood and relationships. This module also introduces the powerful “Madonna Moan” technique.

Module 3 shifts the focus to understanding the male sex drive and delves into a controversial discussion about why men watch pornography. It provides tips on using this desire and behavior to your advantage, rather than confronting it in a way that may alienate your partner.

In Module 4, the program explores brain sexual chemistry and techniques to induce arousal in your partner. It offers practical knowledge, grounded in scientific research, to transform a stagnant sex life into one filled with desire and passion.

Module 5 is an intriguing section that delves into the “Erotic Action Movie Technique.” While we don’t reveal the specifics, this module offers a unique technique not found in other programs, aimed at enhancing your sexual experiences.

Module 6 takes things up a notch by introducing “Desire Intensifiers.” These are additional techniques that can be combined with the previously learned techniques, adding an extra layer of excitement and spice to your relationship.

The succeeding modules address special circumstances. One of the modules concentrates on transforming a relaxed relationship into a profound and serious one, while another provides guidance for satisfying your own desires by making it appear that your partner came up with the idea themselves. There is also a module dedicated to sparking passion and desire in long-distance relationships. Lastly, the program provides guidance on reigniting desire in a partner who may be emotionally distant or sexually averse.

Language of Desire Prices and Packages

  • $47, Standard Package
  • Language of Desire eBook and audio files.
  • The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty eReport.
  • Silent Seduction eManual.
  • Unstoppable Confidence by Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold audio files.

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Our Language of Desire Verdict

Our thorough investigation of the Language of Desire program has revealed it to be a valuable tool for women who want to reignite intimacy and build a real bond with their partners. The program delves into the often overlooked realm of sexual desire, providing insights and techniques that can transform the dynamics of a relationship. This program is not perfect, but we are very comfortable to give it a rating a 4 out of 5 stars.

First up, the pros. Language of Desire succeeds in empowering women without resorting to crude, degrading antics. The program emphasizes embracing your own unique sexuality, and that would be enough to make you attractive to your partner. You don’t need to conform to the unattainable standards set by adult film start or models. Sound refreshing, isn’t it? Yeah, and this approach leads to a healthier and more confident sense of self-expression within the relationship.

Another advantage is the program’s focus on a specific topic – igniting sexual passion within your partner. By honing in on this aspect, Language of Desire offers detailed and practical techniques that are backed by scientific research. This program serves as a gateway between theoretical knowledge and real-life application, equipped with systematically structured concepts and complimentary exercises to guide you towards achieving a satisfying and enthusiastic bond.

The “for women, by women” approach of author Felicity Keith fosters open dialogue on female sexuality. Her witty, humorous style dispels embarrassment. It creates a safe space for even the shyest women to explore desires, possibly experiencing a healthy sexual awakening.

However, the Language of Desire program has flaws. Firstly, it’s strictly for women, leaving out guidance for men seeking better intimacy and communication.

Additionally, some may express reservations about the author’s limited professional credentials. However, it is worth noting that Keith is endorsed by renowned relationship expert Michael Fiore, which lends credibility to her methods and techniques.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the program may feel slightly dated in certain aspects. While the core principles and techniques remain relevant, the presentation and overall format could benefit from a more modernized approach.

Despite these cons, the program delivers priceless knowledge, tactics, and advice for women desiring to spark desire and profound bonds. Empowering women, in-depth coverage of sexual desire, and a mature approach outweigh any outdated elements. While focused solely on women, its ability to positively impact relationships makes it a worthwhile investment. Highly recommended.

Invest in Language of Desire if you want stronger intimacy, self-discovery, and a satisfying bond. It’s a wise decision.

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