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You are a woman who wants to improve your texting and DMing game. Craft your messages to be irresistible in order to captivate men’s attention. If your text and messages don’t get any positive responses, it’s dull. This product might be the solution to that problem.

Irresistible Texts Review Summary

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  • A cost-effective entry point product for women who want to explore the possibilities of improving their text messaging abilities. Good starting point if this is your first time trying to work on improving your text skills before considering more expensive programs.
  • Extremely affordable price compared to other similar programs in the market. This makes it an attractive choice for budget-conscious individuals who still desire to improve their texting game without breaking the bank.
  • The author boasts an impressive list of credentials, having contributed to various dating and relationship blogs. He has also appeared in mainstream media outlets like CNN and ABC. This adds credibility to the program and instills confidence in the expertise and knowledge behind it.
  • It takes a direct, no-nonsense approach, cutting through the fluff to deliver content clearly and concisely. This ensures users can quickly grasp and apply the techniques without getting lost in unnecessary details.
  • Inclusion of pre-written, ready-to-use texts. This convenience allows users to save time and effort by simply copying and pasting the provided texts, making the process of crafting enticing messages a breeze.
  • Goes beyond just text messaging techniques and into lessons on the different male love and sex hormones. The program offers insights into the neurobiological aspects of male attraction. This understanding can be valuable in creating messages that resonate with men on a deeper level.
  • 24/7 customer service support is offered, so users can reach out for assistance whenever needed. The representatives are known for handling queries and concerns politely and capably.


  • Serves as a gateway to other products and upsells within the author’s ecosystem. This means that users may encounter additional offers and promotions that could require further investment, potentially increasing the overall cost of utilizing the program.
  • Certain claims made seems to be somewhat farfetched and hard to believe. It’s important to approach the program with a level of skepticism and evaluate the techniques based on personal judgment and experience.
  • Primarily focuses on a specific aspect of the relationship and love spectrum, namely seductive texting. While it can be beneficial in that specific area, it may not provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of building and maintaining relationships. Users should be aware that this program addresses seductive texting at a surface level rather than delving into a broader range of relationship dynamics.
  • A little lacking in content. It’s important to manage expectations and understand that the program may not offer an extensive depth of information or extensive guidance compared to more comprehensive and higher-priced alternatives.
  • May give the impression of a short report rather than a complete and robust product. The format and structure may not meet the expectations of those seeking a more in-depth and comprehensive resource.

Irresistible Texts Product Details

Irresistible Texts is a gateway program designed to help women enhance their text and digital messaging skills. It offers a solution to common communication challenges such as ghosting, being relegated to the “seenzone,” and experiencing delayed replies from romantic partners. The program’s primary goal is to trigger or arouse specific male hormones through text messages, ultimately encouraging men to chase, pursue, and invest in the user.

The program introduces different types of texts, each claiming to activate a specific male hormone such as testosterone, dopamine, androgen, endorphins, and oxytocin. By utilizing these specific types of texts, the user can potentially evoke various emotional responses from the man they’re communicating with, fostering a stronger connection and attraction.

Even if the program doesn’t immediately make every text message irresistible or seductive to men, it promises to enhance the overall quality of the user’s texting skills. This program allows you to improve your ability to communicate with people for general conversations, not just in a romantic setting.

The author, Matthew Coast, is an authority in dating and relationships since 2005. He has authored multiple books on these topics, showcasing his expertise and providing valuable insights. Coast boasts over 200,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and has appeared on mainstream media platforms like CNN, ABC, and Success Magazine, establishing credibility and visibility in the industry.

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What’s Inside Irresistible Texts

This program is organized into five chapters, each focusing on a specific male hormone and the corresponding text messages that aim to trigger or influence those hormones. The chapters are arranged in a specific order to create a progression in the dynamics between you and your man, moving from attraction to arousal, trust, and ultimately, love. Let’s dive into each chapter in-depth.

Chapter 1 is about “Testosterone.” This chapter provides you with a brief explanation of the role of testosterone in a man’s behavior within a relationship context. The focus then shifts to the text messages that are designed to activate or stimulate this hormone. These messages are intended to evoke a response from men that aligns with the effects of increased testosterone levels, fostering attraction and enhancing the romantic connection.

Chapter 2 discusses “Dopamine.” It delves into this hormone’s significance in a man’s emotional response within a relationship. Dopamine generates feelings of pleasure, excitement, and anticipation. Text message examples claim to trigger dopamine release in men, creating a thrill and reinforcing positive emotions.

Chapter 3 shifts to “Androgen,” exploring its influence on men’s behavior and emotions during a relationship, building on previous chapters. Text messages aim to activate androgen, fostering confidence, dominance, and assertiveness in men, intensifying attraction and desire.

Chapter 4 dives into the hormone “Endorphins.” This chapter centers around endorphins and its role in creating feelings of pleasure and happiness. It discusses how endorphins contribute to building a deeper emotional connection between partners. Text message examples are provided to help users elicit endorphin release in men, fostering a positive and enjoyable experience within the relationship.

Chapter 5 closes with “Oxytocin.” It’s also called the “love hormone.” Oxytocin is the hormone of trust and bonding. Users get text message samples that claim to stimulate oxytocin release in men, aiming to deepen emotional connection and cultivate love.

The progression of chapters inside this program suggests that each hormone builds upon the previous one, creating a gradual and transformative effect in the dynamics between you and your man. By strategically utilizing the text messages associated with each hormone, you can cultivate a journey from initial attraction to heightened arousal, trust, and ultimately, love.

Irresistible Texts Prices and Packages

  • $7, Standard Package
  • Irresistible Texts eBook.
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Our Irresistible Texts Verdict

Irresistible Texts offers an affordable entry point for women looking to enhance their text messaging skills and romantic connections. However, the core concept of this program is a bit up in the clouds. Thus, we cannot, in good conscience, give this program a buy recommendation. Our score for this program is 2 out of 5 stars.

The program is very affordable. That’s one thing that it has going for it. There’s little risk if you wish to move forward and buy it. Also, the author, Matthew Coast, boasts a credible background in the dating and relationship industry. The inclusion of copy-and-paste text messages and insights into male hormones adds an interesting twist to the program, offering users some practical tools to experiment with.

However, the product has some significant shortcomings. For one, the content is a bit thin, leaving the impression that this is merely a gateway product. True enough, there are links here and there which lead users into a web of upsells and additional purchases within the author’s ecosystem. This can leave customers feeling dissatisfied and potentially misled.

Furthermore, like we already mentioned, some of the program’s claims may seem farfetched and difficult to believe. This raises questions about the overall effectiveness of the techniques presented. Additionally, the narrow focus on specific male hormones and surface-level relationship dynamics limits the program’s depth and may not address the complexity of real-life relationships.

While Irresistible Texts may have its merits, it falls short of providing a comprehensive and robust solution for improving romantic connections through text messaging. The program’s content is somewhat lacking, and the format gives the impression of a short report rather than a complete product. Do temper your expectations with this product and recognize that this program may not deliver the transformative results it promises.

Weighing the pitfalls versus the pros, it is advised to proceed with caution. While the program may offer some insights and value, it does not fully deliver on its promises. Instead, individuals seeking a more comprehensive and reliable resource for improving their text messaging skills and fostering meaningful connections may be better served by exploring alternative options in the market.

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