Infatuation Scripts Review

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You are a woman longing to attract your dream man and make that connection last. This program might, and that’s a big MIGHT, be exactly what you need. Tired of endless, short-lived flings? Say goodbye to that cycle and hello to a fulfilling, long-term partnership.

Infatuation Scripts Review Summary

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  • Equips you with purposeful conversations. The program equips you with purposeful conversations. Learn the art of seductive communication to improve your interactions with men and build stronger relationships. The program provides a structured approach, enabling you to trigger emotions and attraction that lead to commitment.
  • Cover a wide array of situations. The program goes into various aspects of conversations and words, catering to different situations and stages of a relationship. Whether it’s the initial attraction or the nurturing of a long-term bond, this product offers guidance on what to say and how to say it effectively.
  • Combination of theory and application. This program strikes a balance between theoretical principles and practical application. It not only teaches you the underlying theories but also provides practical examples and scripts to follow, making it easier to implement the techniques in real-life situations.
  • Boasts responsive customer support. The team behind this product is commendable. They respond promptly to our inquiries within 48 hours. Not the best, but definitely better than nothing.


  • The author’s identity and credentials are challenging to verify, leading to skepticism about their expertise. The lack of transparency leaves uncertainty and the background and qualifications of the author put in doubt.
  • Overemphasis on words, words, and only words. While the program emphasizes the power of words and conversation in cultivating commitment, it may give the impression that they are the sole determining factors. Relationships involve various aspects beyond communication, and solely relying on scripts might oversimplify the complexities of human connections.
  • Burdened with incoherence and redundancy. Some sections of the program feel incoherent or redundant. It’s very frustrating especially when you are seeking clear and concise guidance. Improving the organization and eliminating unnecessary repetition would enhance the overall user experience.
  • Relatively high price. This program is priced higher compared to other similar programs in the market. Sets you back a substantial amount, especially considering the perceived lack of substantial content for its price.
  • Basic layout and design. While the program’s layout and design fulfill their purpose, they may be considered bland or unremarkable. Although aesthetics is subjective, a more visually appealing presentation could enhance the overall user experience.
  • Limited content for the price. This product doesn’t offer a sufficient amount of content considering its price. They might expect more comprehensive materials or additional resources to justify the investment.
  • Generic tips disguised as original. While the program presents catchy terms and “scripts,” the underlying principles and tips provided may be considered generic or common knowledge. Those looking for groundbreaking insights might find the content to be less innovative than expected.

Infatuation Scripts Product Details

Infatuation Scripts is a straightforward guide designed to help women attract men and deepen their level of commitment within a relationship. The program offers a simple and procedural approach, providing instructions for various scenarios and stages of the dating process.

This program excels in breaking down the different phases that men typically experience when considering a relationship with a woman. From initial lust to infatuation and ultimately attachment, Infatuation Scripts provides a comprehensive understanding of these stages. It equips women with scripts that can effectively guide men through each phase, leading to a deeper connection and commitment.

The core idea? Carefully chosen words and gestures can tap into a man’s instincts, evoking powerful emotions that attract him on a deeper level. Understand how to communicate effectively and trigger emotional responses – create a strong, lasting bond with the man you desire.

This product is the brainchild of Clayton Max. However, it’s a challenge to verify the authenticity of Clayton Max and his background. There is no concrete evidence or verifiable information regarding his identity or credentials. While he claims to have a background in applied psychology and boasts over a decade of experience as a professional dating and relationship coach, the lack of a verifiable footprint is suspect.

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What’s Inside Infatuation Scripts

Infatuation Scripts is structured into modules, guiding you through attracting and deepening a man’s infatuation and attachment. Here’s what’s inside:

An intro lays the foundation, explaining different phases men go through (lust, infatuation, attachment) and the three key ingredients that trigger infatuation.

The succeeding sections explore these three key ingredients, and the respective triggers that stimulate these key ingredients.

This first module focuses on the trigger of curiosity. You’ll learn about “curiosity hooks,” which are scripts or messages designed to activate this particular trigger in men. These hooks are strategically crafted to pique a man’s interest and curiosity, making him want to learn more about you.

The second module revolves around the trigger of investment. You’ll be introduced to “investment keys” that unlock this trigger in men. These keys provide guidance on how to create a sense of investment and commitment from the man, encouraging him to actively contribute to the relationship.

The third section explores the trigger of romantic tension. You’ll discover “tension generators,” which are scripts or messages that stimulate this specific trigger in men. These generators aim to create a heightened sense of anticipation, desire, and emotional intensity, fostering a deep connection between you and the man.

Overall, this program offers a step-by-step approach, providing women with specific techniques and scripts to enhance their communication and connection with men. By understanding and implementing the concepts presented in each section, you can strategically activate triggers that foster infatuation and attachment in men.

Infatuation Scripts Prices and Packages

  • $49.95, Standard Package
  • Infatuation Scripts main eBook, audio course, and video series.
  • Commitment Calculator audio interview.
  • Make Any Man Yours for Life eManual.
  • Why Men Shut Women Out – By Slade Shaw eGuide.

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Our Infatuation Scripts Verdict

Infatuation Scripts leaves us with a tough decision. It’s a decent program for improving communication skills with men. However, significant drawbacks overshadow potential benefits. Our rating? 2 out of 5 stars.

This program helps women improve their communication with men. Doing so provides purpose and direction to their words, triggering emotions and attraction that can lead to long-term commitment. The program’s focus on different conversation angles and stages of a relationship is commendable, offering a comprehensive approach. Additionally, the combination of principles/theories and practical application lends practicality to the program. Moreover, the quick and polite customer response is a positive aspect, ensuring support for users.

However, the cons cannot be overlooked. The lack of verifiable information about the author’s identity and credentials raises concerns about the program’s credibility. Additionally, the program’s heavy emphasis on words and conversation as the sole means to secure a man’s commitment may oversimplify the complexities of relationships.

There are also instances where the content feels incoherent and redundant, and the program’s price point is relatively high compared to other offerings. The layout and design, while functional, lack visual appeal, and the overall content may not justify the price.

Considering these factors, it becomes apparent that the cons outweigh the pros in this scenario. While Infatuation Scripts offers valuable insights and strategies, the program’s limitations and higher price point detract from its overall value. For those seeking a more comprehensive and reliable resource, it may be wise to explore alternative options in the market.

In conclusion, while Infatuation Scripts presents some compelling aspects, the limitations, uncertainties, and pricing concerns make it difficult to recommend. It’s essential to approach programs like this with caution and prioritize resources that provide a stronger foundation for personal growth and relationship success.

Our Recommendation

Don’t Buy Infatuation Scripts