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24 Dating Profile Commandments Everyone Follows for Online Dating Success

Ah, the world of digital romance and online dating, where finding a potential partner seems as easy as ordering a pizza online. With just a few taps on your smartphone screen, you gain access to a vast pool of potential dates and matches, a tantalizing array of romantic possibilities right at your fingertips. It’s an alluring prospect, no doubt about it.

But, as with many things in life, reality doesn’t always align with our hopes and dreams. Despite the promises of endless opportunities, you find yourself swimming against the current, struggling to land even a single match, let alone a date. Doubts begin to creep in, and you start to wonder what could possibly be going wrong. Could it be that your dating profile is somehow sabotaging your chances?

In the vast ocean of online dating, your dating profile is your lifeboat. It’s the portal through which others catch a glimpse of who you are and what kind of partner you seek. Crafting a compelling and engaging dating profile is no mere formality; it’s an art that can make all the difference in your online dating journey.

Fear not, for in this guide, we shall explore the commandments that every successful online dater follows to optimize their dating profiles and attract the right matches. From selecting the perfect dating profile photos to weaving a captivating bio, we won’t leave any stone unturned.

Whether you’re a seasoned online dater seeking to give your profile a makeover or a wide-eyed newcomer eager to make a splash in the digital dating scene, these commandments will arm you with the knowledge and insights you need for online dating triumph.

When your dating profile gets no matches... Blame the bio! Meme

So, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to transform your dating profile from a mere snapshot into a captivating story that sparks curiosity and intrigue. As we embark on this journey together, you’ll come to see how even the tiniest tweaks and adjustments can wield a profound impact on your online dating experience. No more delays, let’s dive straight into the dating profile commandments that will magnetize numerous matches in your dating apps.

“Dating Profile Photos” Commandments

Let’s start with the first and most important element – your profile photos. If you want to up your chances of success and avoid sending potential matches running for the hills, pay heed to these essential commandments when selecting and presenting your photos:

  1. Let Your Smile Shine: While stoic or aloof poses might work in certain circles (think fashion models or hip-hop dancers, for some odd reason), for dating profile photos, it’s all about that warm and genuine smile. Opt for natural expressions that exude approachability and friendliness. Remember, a beaming smile showcases your fun and welcoming side, making you all the more irresistible to potential matches.
  2. Stick to the Magic Number: When it comes to the number of photos on your dating profile, the golden rule is three to five. This range strikes the perfect balance, allowing you to reveal different facets of your personality without overwhelming anyone. Experts swear by this well-rounded approach.
  3. Include the Three Golden Photos:
    • The Head Shot: Make your first photo a clear, close-up shot of your face. Potential matches want to see you clearly and connect with your eyes and smile.
    • The Full Body Shot: Flaunt a dressed-up full-body shot against a backdrop with high contrast. This photo gives others a glimpse of your overall appearance and style.
    • The “Day in the Life” Shot: Embrace a photo capturing you in a natural setting, going about your daily routine in clean and casual attire. This candid shot adds authenticity to your profile.
  4. Stay Solo in the Spotlight: Here’s a crucial rule – avoid including other people in your dating profile photos. Sure, you might have a lively social circle, but save that display for your other social media accounts. Multiple individuals in your dating profile pictures can create confusion and shift the focus away from you. So, let yourself shine solo. If you insist in having a companion in a photo, you can include your pet. But limit it to one and only one photo.
  5. Let Your Head Shot Lead the Way: Your default photo, the one that shows up without any scrolling, should be that fabulous head shot with your winning smile. This way, your friendly and approachable vibe catches the eye of potential matches from the get-go.
  6. Say “No” to Selfies: Ah, the infamous selfie. It might be convenient for capturing everyday moments, but when it comes to dating profiles, it’s a big no-no. Instead, opt for photos taken by others, which tend to be more flattering and capture a more genuine angle. Selfie angles just don’t do justice, really.
  7. Embrace the Natural and Clean: While professional photos may seem tempting, they can raise suspicions of a spam account. Stay authentic by choosing natural, unedited photos that showcase the real you. On the flip side, avoid messy or unkempt images, as they might give the impression that you’re not putting effort into your profile.
When someone uses a heavily edited dating profile photo... What are they trying to hide? Meme

Embrace these dating profile photo commandments and attract perfect matches that pave the way for meaningful connections. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so let each snap weave a captivating tale about you!

“Dating Profile Bios” Commandments

Relative to the importance of the profile photos, crafting a dating profile bio that captivates and entices potential matches comes as a close second. To make a lasting impression and draw the right connections, pay heed to these essential dating profile bios commandments:

  1. Embrace the 70:30 Rule: Strive for that perfect balance in your dating profile bio with the 70:30 rule. Dedicate roughly 70% of your bio to painting a vivid picture of yourself and your interests, and allocate the remaining 30% to outline what you’re seeking in a potential partner. This approach offers insight into your personality while expressing your dating preferences. While more detailed profile bio structures exist, this ratio is a fantastic starting point.
  2. Radiate Receptiveness: Show that you’re open and approachable in your profile. Avoid projecting statements that might make you seem distant or uninterested in meeting new people, like emphasizing how focused you are on your career. Instead, focus on inclusive language that invites others to connect with you. Share your passions and hobbies, like conquering mountains, and express your desire to find a like-minded companion to share those adventures with. Studies have shown that being kind and responsive is highly attractive, regardless of physical appearance. So, be open and warm – it goes a long way in the online dating world.
  3. Write in the Affirmative: When describing your preferences, focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Take a glass-half-full approach, highlighting the qualities and attributes you find appealing in a potential partner, not what you hate.
  4. Share Stories to Reveal Your Personality: Ditch the generic adjectives and let storytelling showcase your true self. Everyone claims to be “ambitious” or “adventurous,” but sharing real-life anecdotes that demonstrate these qualities adds depth and authenticity to your profile. For instance, recount a moment when you displayed your adventurous spirit by achieving a personal or professional milestone.
  5. Mind Your Grammar and Spelling: Proper grammar and spelling are crucial in creating a polished and credible dating profile. With grammar checkers just a click away, there’s no excuse for typos or errors that might detract from your overall appeal.
  6. Format for Readability and Interest: Make your profile bio visually appealing and easy to read. Use line breaks to avoid daunting blocks of text, which can overwhelm potential matches. If the platform allows it, consider using formatting options or special characters to make certain parts of your bio stand out.
  7. Craft a Clever Opening Line: Grab attention with a witty and intriguing opening line. A clever one-liner sets the tone for your profile and sparks curiosity. For example, try something like “willing to lie about how we met” to inject humor and create a memorable first impression, before proceeding to the rest of your bio.

By following these dating profile bio commandments, you’ll boost your chances of forming meaningful connections in the vast world of online dating. Remember, your bio is your digital introduction, so make every word count!

General Commandments of a Dating Profile

But wait, there’s more. Here are more commandments that are not specific to either the dating photo or the profile bio only. These refer to the entire dating profile, including settings. They might not part seas or create miracles, but trust me, they’ll definitely up your dating game.

  1. Be Fun to Be With: First off, let’s talk about being fun to be with. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert who prefers cozy nights in or an extrovert who loves to paint the town red—what matters most is that you project the ability to have a good time. Nobody wants to hang out with a snooze fest, right?
  2. Classy Over Provocative: Now, onto the profile itself. Classy over provocative, my friend. Sure, provocative might get you some attention, but it’s not the kind of attention you want. Opt for a classy approach that shows confidence and a genuine interest in finding meaningful connections. And hey, a little mystery and allure never hurt anyone—just remember to keep your dignity intact.
  3. Use Your Profile as a Filter: Treat your profile as your personal filter. Be clear about what you’re looking for and what you’re all about. This way, you’ll attract like-minded individuals who share your values and interests, while giving the rest a gentle nudge towards the exit.
  4. Stay Positive: Keep the vibes positive, my friend. No one wants to be brought down by negativity on a dating profile. So, sprinkle some positivity in there, use lively and upbeat pictures, and let your profile description reflect the sunshine in your life.
  5. Honesty and Authenticity: Honesty and authenticity are crucial—like, essential-for-life kind of crucial. Be genuine in your profile, and don’t fall into the temptation of exaggerating or misleading potential matches. It’ll only lead to disappointment down the road.
Exaggerating on your dating profile... Good luck with that. Meme
  1. Keep Your Profile Up to Date: Now, let’s talk about maintenance. Keep that profile up-to-date, my friend. No one wants to meet the you from five years ago. So, update those photos, and if your interests have changed, let the world know.
  2. Maximize App Features: Ah, app features—the little helpers in the dating game. Make the most of them. Use all those nifty tools to showcase your personality and interests. Fill up those information fields, participate in quizzes, and hey, if you’ve got the budget, why not give your profile a little boost?
  3. Seek 3rd Party Feedback: Sometimes, you might not see the forest for the trees, right? Seek feedback from your trusted inner circle—friends, family, whoever can give you an objective perspective on what you can improve. Trust me, they’ll be happy to lend a hand.
  4. Prioritize Security: Security matters. Before putting anything out there, double-check your photos and bio for any sensitive information. We don’t want any home addresses or personal contacts lurking in the background.
  5. Link to Active Social Media Accounts: Oh, and one last thing—link to your other active social media accounts. It adds a touch of credibility and transparency to your profile. Show the world you’re a real person, and let them get a glimpse of your natural activity.


In the ever-changing world of online dating, your dating profile takes center stage as a potent tool that can either make or break your journey to finding love. So, my fellow adventurers, presented to you were 24 Dating Profile Commandments, where we unravel the secrets to creating an engaging and authentic online presence that leaves potential matches awestruck on an intellectual and emotional level.

Remember—this isn’t a popularity contest. It’s a chance to showcase the essence of who you are and draw genuine connections that transcend the digital realm.

So, armed with newfound knowledge and creative finesse, venture forth into the world of online dating with confidence and authenticity. Embrace the joy of meeting kindred spirits, sharing stories, and creating memories that will stand the test of time.

The possibilities are boundless, and your perfect match might just be a swipe away. With your dating profile shining bright as a beacon of your unique brilliance, the digital dating world is yours to explore and conquer. Happy dating!

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