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Dating Profile Tips for Guys: 11 Profile Rules to Attract Matches

“Why can’t guys fill out their dating profiles properly? Most of them just say stuff like, ‘I’m a nice, caring guy looking for an honest woman to spend my life with’ or ‘Is anyone real on here? Trying again’ or ‘Just ask me if you want to know something.’ That’s literally all they write. How am I supposed to get any idea of who they actually are?”

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My friends! The ladies have some thoughts about our dating profiles. They will not say it to our faces, they’re classy ladies, after all. But if you’re not putting effort into your profile, you can bet they’re saying it behind your back. If that stings, this article is for you.

Swiping is the easy part. But listen up – you could swipe right a million times and get zero matches if nobody swipes right back. Zero matches. Zero.

The solution? Craft a profile that grabs attention and showcases your awesome personality. One that makes potential matches think, “I gotta swipe right on this guy.”

Coming up with a clever intro, choosing the best photos, and filling out all the sections – working on your profile can feel like a chore. But putting in that effort is what separates the guys who can’t get matches from the ones who start making great connections.

If you want more matches, I’ve got 11 essential tips and tweaks here you can focus on.

11 Dating Profile Tips to Attract More Matches

Express Interest in Getting to Know Your Matches

The key to an appealing dating profile? Flipping the script from just trying to be known to genuinely want to know your potential partners. Research by Schroeder and Fishbach revealed that over 50% of dating profiles emphasized being known themselves. In comparison, only 20% conveyed a desire to know the other person. However, when they had people rate sample profiles, those expressing curiosity about their matches were viewed as far more appealing.

So, instead of just listing what you are and what you can bring, be more appealing and frame your dating profile as someone interested in getting to know your matches more than self-promotion. As the study above mentioned, this will make you more attractive.

Hint About Your Emotional Availability

Both men and women find emotionally available daters who seem caring, understanding, and responsive to be significant catches. A study by social psychologists Spielmann and MacDonald found that when pitted against an aloof yet physically attractive person, emotionally available folks were rated as more desirable partners.

Feel free to sprinkle your profile with hints about your emotional depth and maturity. Mention how much you value deep connections, being supportive presences for your partner, or simply appreciating moments of intimacy and vulnerability. This sends the message that you’re boyfriend/husband material.

Craft an Unforgettable Opening Line

With today’s short attention spans, you have a few words to hook someone into reading further. Your opening line needs to lure them in with wit, intrigue, and a glimpse of your unique personality. Put real thought into it. Brainstorm options until you nail the perfect engaging opener.

A great opener could be an unconventional question, a relatable observation about online dating, or even a perfectly deployed inside joke or pun. Whatever intro you choose should spark enough curiosity to make your match want to read every last word you’ve written.

Follow The Ideal Profile Structure

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and your dating profile’s structure is crucial for putting your best foot forward. When writing the all-important “About Me” section, dedicate around 75% to painting a vivid picture of your authentic self – your values, personality quirks, emotional intelligence, and genuine interest in getting to know your matches on a deeper level.

Use the remaining 25% to outline the traits and qualities you seek in an ideal partner. This balanced approach lets you showcase what makes you unique while clarifying your romantic goals.

Be Original (But Not Too Weird)

Most dating profiles lean heavily on clichés like “I enjoy watching Netflix” or “I love traveling.” To capture attention and boost perceived intelligence, humor, and attractiveness, strive for originality.

To do so, write your first draft without looking up any dating profile examples or inspiration. This is a draft, so don’t worry too much about correctness or perfection. This stream-of-thought first draft approach allows your real personality to show through, and that’s the most original you can start with. You can then edit afterwards.

Do aim to distinguish between being refreshingly unique and straight-up odd or off-putting. A dash of quirk is attractive, but cross too far into bizarre territory, and you risk turning matches off.

Prioritize Amazing Profile Photos

While a well-written bio is essential, in online dating, photos are king when it comes to making strong first impressions. Invest time creating a stellar photo lineup showcasing your face, full body, lifestyle, interests, and hobbies from multiple flattering angles.

The magic number is 3-5 high-quality images that are clear, well-lit, and up-to-date. Variety is vital – you want your matches to get an accurate 360 view of your life and personality. Get to work on those photos, and you’ll attract those right swipes.

One Does Not Simply Take a Blurry Profile Picture and Expect to Find Love Meme

Stay Upbeat And Positive

Do you know what’s an instant turn-off for potential matches? Negativity in any form – whether venting about your awful exes, broadcasting feelings of bitterness or jadedness, or simply giving off a gloomy, pessimistic vibe.

Keep your profile upbeat, optimistic, and focused on all the good things life offers. In fact, before even starting to write your bio, take steps to get into an unwaveringly happy headspace. Meditate, listen to mood-boosting music, take your dog for an energizing walk – whatever helps you radiate those shining positive vibes through your words.

Complete Your Dating Profile

Leaving fields blank or avoiding sections like the dreaded Hinge “prompts” is the online dating equivalent of phoning it in. To position yourself as a motivated, engaged, and, yes, real human being (not a spambot!), do the hard work of filling out every possible section your dating site provides.

On apps like OkCupid, dive deep into answering quirky personality questions. With Hinge’s prompts, put genuine thought into your hilarious, insightful, or heartfelt responses. Completing your entire profile signals you’re serious about dating and gives matches a more well-rounded insight into who you are.

Link Social Media Accounts

Linking your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter is an easy yet powerful way to boost credibility and allow matches to get a more multidimensional view of your life. Doing so also verifies that you’re a real person. An active online presence instantly builds trust and a bit of intrigue.

In addition, your socials act like a digital window, giving potential partners a glimpse into your world through photos, updates, and interactions. Just give your accounts a quick review – you’ll want to project that authentic, positive, well-rounded self you’ve crafted in your dating profile.

Double Check Writing Quality

You could have all the right content and hit every mark – expressing emotional availability, curiosity about your matches, a positive atmosphere, etc. But if your written profile is riddled with grammatical errors, misspellings, and typos, you’ll severely undermine your whole appeal.

Polishing your writing quality is a must for making a stellar impression. Use editing tools like the Hemingway Editor app or grammar checkers like Grammarly to clean up any sloppy or unclear writing before publishing your dating profile for the world to see. You’ve put in the hard work – don’t let easily fixable writing errors trip you up at the finish line.

Use Formatting Intentionally

Proper formatting is a hugely underrated component of creating an engaging, aesthetically pleasing dating profile. We’re talking about the clever use of spacing between paragraphs to maximize readability. Intentional line breaks to let profound thoughts or witty quips breathe on their own. And a judicious sprinkling of emojis to add humor, emphasis, or simply make your delightful personality pop off the page.

When used purposefully, these formatting tactics prevent your dating profile from coming across as a daunting wall of text. They allow vital details, admirable qualities, and glimpses of your fun-loving spirit to jump out and capture a match’s undivided attention.


Taking the time to work on your dating profile is absolutely worth the effort. I know this from personal experience. I put real work into my profiles on Tinder and OkCupid, and it paid off – I had solid success meeting people online. In fact, I met my now-wife on OkCupid because we had both crafted great dating profiles that showed our personalities.

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I also believe in putting in the work upfront to create an outstanding profile. It doesn’t have to be perfect since you can tweak it later. But it would help to put together something good from the start to maximize your matches.

Just like I opened by sharing that frustrated dater’s perspective on crummy profiles, I’ll leave you with this – don’t be one of those guys who half-asses their profile and miss out on matches as a result. Follow the 11 tips I’ve laid out, and you’ll put your best virtual self out there to start making meaningful connections.

Before you go, leave a comment and let me know which of these profile tips you’ll implement first! And share this article with other guys who could use dating profile tune-up advice.

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