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99 “Dating Me Is Like” Answers: Hinge Prompt Ideas that Will Attract the Best Matches

Jen got back on the dating scene after a nasty breakup. She downloaded Hinge. Everything went fine until she got to that “Dating me is like…” prompt. 

She stared at her phone for a solid five minutes, racking her brain before finally texting me, “Uh, help! I’m totally blanking on how to answer this!”

I felt bad for her. Hinge doesn’t let you write a long bio. They hit you with weird short questions. 150 characters to stand out. Their twist on dating profiles.

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Of all their prompts, “Dating me is like…” might be the most popular. But it’s fun and playful. You can showcase your personality in different ways.

Better yet, it’s a total conversation starter with potential matches. Rather than rattling off hobbies or boring facts like favorite songs or food, the “Dating me is like” prompt gets your imaginative juices flowing.

Jen struggled to be clever on the spot. Stressing over those prompts? Don’t worry, I got you. Read on for 99 excellent “Dating me is like…” answers guaranteed to attract your next perfect match!

Best “Dating Me Is Like” Answers

The “Dating me is like…” prompt is a chance to get creative and give matches a taste of your unique personality. The best answers authentically reflect who you are, showcase your imagination, and paint you positively.

With these tips, read on for 99 examples tailored to different tones and perspectives. Whether you go for big laughs, intrigue the mind, or tug the heartstrings, answering honestly in your own voice is sure to attract quality matches.

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Funny and Humorous Answers: Dating me is like…

  1. a sitcom pilot – a mix of hilarious mishaps, quirky characters, and the occasional awkward laugh track.
  2. attempting to wash a wild cat.
  3. trying to parallel park for the first time: lots of awkward adjustments, a few bumps, but eventually, we’ll find that perfect spot.
  4. walking into a glass door – it’s confusing, yet it’s pretty funny.
  5. welcoming a hungry child into your home.
  6. a buffet – lots of options, some unexpected flavors, and a high probability of regretting that extra helping.
  7. trying to assemble IKEA furniture without the instructions – we’ll either end up with a masterpiece or a disaster, but it’ll definitely be entertaining.
  8. planning to watch a meteor shower all night, but ending up falling asleep right before it starts.
  9. a stand-up comedy routine – I promise lots of laughs, some awkward moments, and maybe a few jokes that only I find funny.
  10. smoking so much that you become convinced your cat’s secretly judging your life choices.
  11. writing a will—best to get it done before fate decides to surprise us.
  12. playing Twister with a bunch of energetic puppies.
  13. getting stuck in an elevator with a comedian.
  14. a competition for dad jokes – so bad that they become good.
  15. a fire truck catching fire – a strange kind of irony.

Adventure and Excitement Answers: Dating me is like…

  1. a road trip to the beach, wind in your hair and all.
  2. exploring a new city – there’s always something fresh to find.
  3. skydiving into the unknown – the adrenaline rush of taking the leap together is just the beginning of the adventure.
  4. a roller coaster: exhilarating, occasionally terrifying, but always ending with a smile (and maybe a little bit of nausea).
  5. learning a new TikTok dance – awkward at first, then oddly addictive.
  6. climbing a mountain – challenging, but the view from the top is amazing.
  7. discovering pineapple on your pizza – a bit controversial, yet quite enjoyable.
  8. cliff-jumping in Crater Lake (let’s do it!).
  9. a dance-off with no clear winner – we’ll both bring some ridiculous moves to the table and see who ends up laughing the hardest.
  10. exploring uncharted territory, where every day is a chance to discover something amazing about each other.
  11. conquering your fear of heights by bravely skydiving.

Mystery and Surprises Answers: Dating me is like…

  1. a game of charades – I’ll keep you guessing, and sometimes you might wonder if I’m just making things up.
  2. trying to follow a recipe written in a foreign language – things might get lost in translation, but the results will be interesting.
  3. a magic show – you’ll wonder how I managed to pull off some of the crazy things I do, but I’ll never reveal my secrets.
  4. asking for buttered popcorn, then getting kettle corn and realizing it’s way tastier.
  5. exploring a forgotten mansion – every room has its own story to tell.
  6. hearing a faint whisper in the breeze – you’ll want to listen closely to catch every word.
  7. hitting the lottery, then getting drafted into a war.
  8. deciphering a cryptic message – every moment holds a clue to the enigma.
  9. watching a misty sunrise – there’s more beneath the surface than meets the eye.
  10. chasing shadows in the moonlight – every encounter holds a touch of intrigue.
  11. entering a masquerade ball – each date, a chance to unmask another aspect of me.
  12. having a cup of decaf – all the fun without the jitters.
  13. entering a labyrinth – around every corner, there’s a new twist to the story.
  14. a lucky dip – you’ll discover something wonderful every time.
  15. reading a book with invisible ink – you’ll need to discover the secrets beneath the surface.
  16. opening a fortune cookie – you’ll find a sweet surprise in every moment.
  17. reading a secret diary – each chapter holds a new mystery waiting to be discovered.

Flirty and Romantic Answers: Dating me is like…

  1. a game of Twister – let’s see if our hearts can untangle the mess of emotions while our limbs get all twisted up.
  2. navigating a corn maze – you’ll feel lost at times, but we’ll have a blast finding our way together.
  3. a Choose Your Own Adventure book – you get to pick the path, but don’t worry, all the endings are happily ever after.
  4. tripping on the stairs – just kidding, the only fall will be for me!
  5. finding out that your crush actually has feelings for you too.
  6. that moment your favorite band hits the stage – and it lasts forever.
  7. going to a boxing class – I’ll make your heart race and tire you out.
  8. a cozy blanket on a chilly day – warm, comforting, and always there to wrap you in love.
  9. receiving a bouquet of your favorite flowers – each day is a petal of affection and care.
  10. finding the last puzzle piece – it completes the picture of happiness you’ve been searching for.
  11. getting a sweet kiss from your favorite celebrity crush.
  12. meeting someone even better than your ex.
  13. building a pillow fort – a cozy space where we can create our own little world of love.

Cute and Adorable Answers: Dating me is like…

  1. getting a new puppy. I’m cute, but watch out for the occasional floor accident.
  2. trying to catch fireflies on a summer night – filled with magical moments that light up your world.
  3. a delicious cupcake – sweet, delightful, and guaranteed to make you smile.
  4. attending a teddy bear’s picnic – a world of softness, laughter, and the sweetest moments.
  5. a carousel ride – full of whimsy, laughter, and a little bit of magic.
  6. a never-ending tickle fight – a continuous stream of laughter and joy.
  7. a jar of fireflies – each one represents a bright and beautiful memory we’ll share.
  8. receiving a bouquet of cute, heart-shaped notes – each one filled with little reasons why you’re cherished.
  9. a playful game of hide and seek – you’ll discover new facets of my heart every time you look.
  10. sharing a box of crayons – together, we’ll color the canvas of life with vibrant moments.
  11. finding a lucky charm – I’ll bring good vibes, positivity, and a sprinkle of magic into your life.

Intellectual and Thought-Provoking Answers: Dating me is like…

  1. a never-ending game of “Would You Rather” – we’ll debate the important stuff, like pizza toppings and superhero powers.
  2. diving into the pages of a philosophy book – get ready for discussions that question the very essence of things.
  3. learning a new language – it’s a journey, but it’s rewarding.
  4. stargazing at the night sky – our conversations will be like constellations, connecting ideas across the vast expanse of thought.
  5. gravity (I’m down for anything).
  6. a science experiment – we’ll mix things up and make surprising findings.
  7. being in a living library – a repository of thoughts, where we exchange the volumes of our experiences.
  8. solving a puzzle – it takes time, but the outcome is worth it.
  9. participating in a perpetual seminar – each day, we’ll unravel concepts, challenging our minds to expand.
  10. investing in Bitcoin back in 2010.
  11. reading a captivating book – you won’t want to stop.
  12. observing a rare eclipse – each moment holds a sense of wonder and intrigue.
  13. being in a museum – there’s always something to discover.
  14. taking a journey through the universe – we’ll ponder the galaxies of our minds and the cosmos around us.
  15. weaving a tapestry of ideas, one thread at a time.

Relief and Triumph Answers: Dating me is like…

  1. paying for one vending machine drink, but luck throws in a bonus for fun.
  2. a tasty surprise: discovering curly fries mingling with your regular ones.
  3. waking up to sunny skies after a week of rain!
  4. finding WiFi in the middle of a forest – surprisingly delightful.
  5. leaving your house unlocked all day and finding out nothing got stolen. (Lucky, right?)
  6. finding money in your old jeans’ pocket.
  7. going to a party and discovering that you’re the most attractive person there.
  8. snuggling in bed after a long day.
  9. that first sip of morning coffee.
  10. stepping up and taking your boss’s role at the company.
  11. receiving a surprise inheritance from a distant family member.
  12. always having hand warmers ready.
  13. having a plus one at all times, even without an event.
  14. finally paying off your last credit card bill and feeling relieved.
  15. waking up and realizing you still have two hours to sleep before you need to get up.
  16. discovering a hidden garden – a sanctuary of beauty, peace, and blossoming love.
  17. stepping into a warm shower after spending 7 days camping in the wilderness.
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I met my wife Hannah on OKCupid years ago, so I know firsthand the power of answering dating app questions thoughtfully. It was our open, honest responses that initially made us eager to get to know each other better. The same principle applies on Hinge.

Like my friend Jen learned, coming up with a stellar “Dating me is like…” answer on the spot can be challenging. But taking the time to showcase your true self pays dividends in the quality of matches and the likelihood of first dates. A creative, fun response reflects your originality and sparks intriguing conversations.

So tell us – what’s your favorite “Dating me is like…” response, either one you’ve used or seen? Have any tips for other Hinge users based on your experiences? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below!

And if you found this post helpful, don’t keep it to yourself. Please share it with any friends or family who might be struggling with their Hinge prompts. Wishing you all the best of luck in your dating journeys!


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